The famous Banksy drew an electric Dacie Spring. Top Gear announced the event

Top Gear, the famous British motoring publication, announced that a dealer had found his car painted by the famous Banksy, the street artist whose identity is shrouded in mystery.

Top Gear made a joke about Dacia on April 1 Photo: Top Gear

Banksy's artwork would have appeared in the showroom in the English city of Grimsby, on the back of a Dacia Spring, the cheapest electric vehicle. And the graffiti referring to 'The Stig', the name given to the anonymous racing driver who appeared on Top Gear, made the car priceless.

Adigging up an original Banksy immediately increased the vehicle's value overnight,” said Top Gear correspondent Cory Spondent, known for “its largely incorrect exclusives from the automotive world“.

And the scribbled vehicle was titled “Hope Springs Eternal,” a sort of “Hope of Eternal Springs.” “Critics believe the name suggests a reduction in political commentary and have dismissed the idea that it is “just a loose play on words”.“, says the Top Gear journalist.

I was absolutely blown away when I opened this morning. Crazy. A Banksy, a real Banksy. In my representation. Unbelievable.“, says the owner of the dealership where the miracle happened.

If for Bansky this could raise the auction price to tens of millions, for Dacia this could lead to the cancellation of the three-year warranty, it is also shown in the material written by Top Gear journalists for April 1st.

He who laughs last laughs better!

The pamphlet was tasted by the fans. The comments are funny too. A foreign Dacie owner claimed that “has several artistic mud splashes on the back of the car” , than what Banksy achieved. Another car enthusiast claims that “Dacia should offer this as an option“.

Dacia owners, especially Romanians, jump to the brand's defense. “We have a proverb in Romania: “He who laughs last laughs the most”. Dacia is the best-selling car in Europe“, commented a proud Romanian.