The foothills of Făgăraș and their fairytale attractions. From May 1, Titicar de la Palat, at Ferma de Cerbi VIDEO

One of the most beautiful and attractive tourist areas in Sibiu County, Valea Avrigului, will soon have a new facility. It is about a tourist train, known as Titicar.

Sibiu is one of the most attractive counties in our country in terms of tourism. In addition to the county seat, which was European Capital of Culture in 2007, it also has other particularly attractive areas such as Mărginimea Sibiului, Valea Hârtibaciului, Valea Avrigului or Valea Porumbacului and many others.

The last two areas mentioned (SEE VIDEO) they are extremely close to each other, practically bordering each other, although they are separated by a road distance on asphalt of just over 20 kilometers. However, both are located at the northern foothills of the Negoiu and Budislavu Peaks in the Făgăraș Mountains, and there is a rivalry between them, for the benefit of tourists, even if they are under different administrations.

Recently, however, the first one, which belongs to the city of Avrig, announced that it will soon have a train for the transport of tourists, following the model of the seaside or of some spa resorts such as Olănești and Govora, from the neighboring county, Vâlcea. It will connect the city of Avrig and the picturesque Vale a Avrigului, to the foot of the mountains.

The Avrig Valley in Sibiu and its treasures Photo collage

Tourist train to the most attractive sights, on a route of 30 km round trip

The train is a private purchase. “We created a tourist route, following a request from an investor who purchased a ticket. However, the operation will be private. The route leaves from the CFR Avrig Station, goes through the city, where it has two more stops, in Gheorghe Lazăr Square and at the Glass Factory, and then heads to Valea Avrigului. Here it will have stops at Dino Park, Casa Útoarsă and Ferma de Cerbi. It is a route of more than 15 kilometers one way”mentioned for “The Truth” the mayor of Avrig, Adrian David.

Although there is no statistic related to the number of tourists who come to this area every year, according to the local public administration, it is increasing: “It is evident from the constantly growing number of guesthouses and cabins in Valea Avrigului, where a lot of development and construction is taking place. Especially on weekend days, the valley is full, and the accommodation units are 100% occupied”.

Rival valleys full of magic separated by a road of only 2.5 km

The mayor also confirmed to us about the tourist rivalry between the two neighboring valleys: “It is. In the Valley of the Fairies, on the Porumbacu Valley, are also a series of tourist attractions, and the connection between the two areas is relatively short. Initially, I honestly tell you, I would have liked that little tourist train to connect the two valleys, especially since the distance between them is not very large – only 2.5 kilometers in a straight line, under the mountain. There is also a road, but unfortunately it is unpaved”.

Porumbaculu Valley in Sibiu and its attractions Photo Collage

Porumbaculu Valley in Sibiu and its attractions Photo Collage

The mayor believes that the idea is not feasible, considering that the road is not asphalted, and the little train is an open one, because of the dust that would be created – although in the country, there are still such dusty routes as the one to the Letea Forest, from the Danube Delta.

Just as true that trips to this destination in Europe's northernmost subtropical forest are safari-style with off-road vehicles. “The most wonderful idea would be if we could find solutions and support to pave the shortest road, which is only about 900 meters long on the territory of Avrig, and the rest belongs to Porumbacu City Hall”, says the mayor.

The Italians, fascinated by the diverse tourism in Valea Avrigului

“We recently had a delegation from Italy who appreciated the fact that tourism in the area is very diverse. Because the tastes of several categories of tourists can be satisfied: family tourism for example in Brambura Theme Park where you can eat, there is also a small zoo, you can visit The Overturned House, but also the Deer Farm from Poiana Neamțului, horse riding in two locations on the Avrigului Valley”added the spokeswoman of the Avrig City Hall, Lidia Bădilă.

She recalls that at the entrance to Valea Avrigului there is also a brewery where tastings are frequently organized. “The Italians even mentioned that they would also like to do this kind of diverse tourism for all tastes. So we have everything for everyone. Being close to the Corn Valley can only benefit us, but also them, and of course the tourists. And Transfăgărășan is close to us”, mentions Badilă.

Fairy tale characters, overturned houses, canyoning or horse riding, at your choice for Easter

It is certain that both valleys are concentrated, probably, with the most offers and tourist attractions per square meter, so to speak, which seem to be taken out of fairy tales, from the stories of hobbits, fairies, dinosaurs and other magical entities.

There are unusual accommodations – underground or in the air, suspended through the trees -, even a palace with an ice rink and a pirate ship, to a series of leisure areas: amusement parks with playgrounds, such as Dino Park or Panoramic Park, Brambura Park and the Overturned House, the Clay Castle from Valea Zânelor, the Calendar Story, or outdoor swimming pools, museums, medieval churches, but also the possibility to practice canyoning, horse riding, cycling, hiking to explore the fauna, flora and beauty specific to the place, but also mountain trails aimed at both beginners and tourists with mountain experience, etc.

Until then, Titicarul – the tourist train – will be put into operation around the Easter holidays. The price of the travel ticket and the schedule will be determined by the transport operator according to the request. Travel times are not yet known, although it is expected that the 30 kilometers round trip will be covered in about an hour, only the route and the stops.