Barber appointed vice president of the National Gaming Authority, dismissed after two days

Cristian Pascu, appointed two days ago to lead the National Office for Gambling (ONJN), was revoked from his position, a decision published in the Official Gazette.

Cristian Pascu PHOTO: Facebook

Cristian Pascu, the celebrities' hair-stylist, was dismissed from his position just two days after he was appointed.

The revocation decision was signed by Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and was published in the Official Gazette.


Pascu has a hairdressing diploma and is the administrator of several beauty salons. He was a local PNL councilor in District 6. He admitted that he has no experience in the field.

“Strictly in the field of gambling I cannot say that I have any experience. (…) If you ask me to know the legislation in the field, I really can't help you. I was appointed there because when I was given a task, I carried it out,” Cristian Pascu declared at the munitions.

The appointment of Cristian Pascu as vice-president of the National Office for Gambling would have come from the PNL, says Finance Minister Marcel Boloș, who stated that he had not read his CV.

All proposals for positions of public dignity come like this. I said that I don't know the person and I don't have all the necessary elements to pronounce on something that I don't know. I need to see what kind of activity he has. Now not every time, every minister should take those CVs and say they agree or disagree. I know this way, that you can appreciate the performance after you have entered the activity and if you have an activity there”, said the Minister of Finance,

Cristian-Gabriel Pascu had been appointed to the position of vice-president of the National Office for Gambling, an institution in charge of controlling and sanctioning operators in the field.

He is also the president of the PNL Businessmen's Club in Sector 6. However, according to his CV, Pascu has a degree in hairdressing and one in legal sciences, at the Hyperion law school, obtained at the age of 32.

His experience also shows a position as a presenter at Euforia TV, Pascu being constantly present in the Cancan press.