Innovation for health, commitment to people: Novartis is reimagining medicine

Novartis Romania obtained the international Top Employer certification this year. It attests to the performance of companies around the world in terms of best practices in human resources. Being the first year that the Romanian company participates in this certification process, the title is all the more notable. Novartis Romania thus becomes the nineteenth subsidiary of the Novartis group to obtain this title.

This distinction reinforces the company's fundamental mission of reimagining medicine to provide innovative medicines that alleviate society's greatest medical burdens. But this aspiration requires more than innovative science: a focus on people's needs and a team that works, learns and evolves together.

Novartis is reimagining medicine and becoming a company focused exclusively on innovative medicines

The commitment to people, their personal and professional development and offering flexible options for creating a successful career really make the difference when we think about Novartis Romania's employer status. With over 550 employees in Romania, one of the company's values ​​is represented by the opportunities offered to each of them, so that they can constantly evolve and have a significant impact in the organization and in society.

“Building a team of talented, dedicated and determined people is one of the values ​​that Novartis has always supported. In the professional development process we focus on creating an environment that facilitates performance, promotes and supports continuous learning. In addition to reimagining medicine, understanding the visions and needs of our employees is of paramount importance to us to ensure we continue to develop and improve what we offer as an employer. This will help us attract the right people to our organization, but also help us retain the exceptional talent we already have. We give people the freedom to follow a career path that is based on their passions and career aspirations.”, says Carmen Baibarac, Country Head People & Organization, Novartis Romania.

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Among the activities carried out by Novartis to build a people-oriented culture are the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship within the company, encouraging employees to propose innovative initiatives and supporting them to turn them into reality, using their creative potential to propose oriented projects towards the future that aligns with the company's strategic objectives.

To these are added the organization of activities aimed at organizational development, trainings focused on various areas, the implementation of digital technologies and well-being projects.

With a dedicated team and a future-oriented vision, Novartis Romania continues to redefine the standards in the medical industry and contribute to improving the quality of life of Romanian patients.