Lidl and Heidi ask the “hunters” of chocolate bunnies to stop destroying the products: rumors appeared on Tik Tok that they find money in them

After a series of videos appeared on Tik Tok with several people discovering various amounts of money in the chocolate figurines dedicated to the Easter holidays, a real rabbit hunt would have started, according to Libertatea.

Destroyed figurines are abandoned in stores, Facebook photo

In an attempt to discover whether there are really sums of money inside the chocolate bunnies, more and more Romanians have damaged the figurines and abandoned them in stores.

Thus, Lidl, the company that markets the respective products, and Heidi Chocolate, the one that produces them, were forced to appeal to people to stop this practice. They reported that there was nothing inside the chocolate bunnies.

“Stop breaking the chocolate bunnies, because inside is the chocolate itself” Lidl wrote in a post from March 21, along with a photo of the famous Easter figurines.

For their part, the representatives of the Heidi chocolate manufacturer resumed the call.

“We also repeat the request of colleagues from Lidl Romania. We saw, in turn, the clips on Tik Tok, regarding the existence of money in Easter figurines. But we assure you that HEIDI thematic products contain only the craft of HEIDI chocolatiers, who decorate these products by hand, egg by egg, bunny by bunny”, is the message sent on Wednesday by the Heidi Chocolate team. “Let's not spoil the joy of the people who will take them home for the Easter meal”, Heidi Chocolate also wrote.

While Lidl and Heidi Chocolate state that there is nothing inside the chocolate figurines, clips of the so-called winnings continue to go viral on Tik Tok.

“Look at the bunnies that made the internet crazy, the bunnies that have gifts in them: pennies. It's full everywhere,” writes a user of the social network, who films the figurines on sale in Lidl stores, but does not present any evidence that there is anything inside them.

“Lindt Chocolate Bunnies Have Cash Prizes Inside”, says another TikTok user, but she also doesn't show any evidence of the presence of the money.

Meanwhile, other videos have appeared, in which other netizens have posted videos showing that the figurines in question contain nothing inside.