The huge asking price for an apartment in Bucharest. “Is the street for sale too? It's cheaper in Berlin!”

Real estate prices are increasing day by day in the big cities, and Bucharest is among the most expensive. Even if it has not yet reached the level of Cluj, the capital is full of offers inaccessible to ordinary Romanians.

Illustrative photo. PHOTO: Pixabay

A real estate ad published by the portal and on Facebook, in the group “Apartments for sale Bucharest” enraged the netizens.

“4-room apartment for sale, Ștefan cel Mare-Vasile Lascăr, Bucharest, Sector 2”, is the title of the ad specifying that the apartment is semi-detached, was built in 2021, has three parking spaces and underfloor heating.

Cyclon Imobiliare offers for sale a 4-room apartment, Ștefan cel Mare, central, Vasile Lascăr Bucharest, Sector 2. Luxury apartment in a new block located in the Vasile Lascăr Central Residential Complex with 4 rooms in an area of ​​120 sqm, a generous terrace in the area of 115 sqm, equipped with an outdoor jacuzzi and sauna, as well as space for the beach, ping pong, surrounded by green bamboos”the announcement states.

Other details also appear in the offer posted on the Internet: “The apartment has two bathrooms with shower cabins and bidets, a glass-enclosed kitchen with ultra-modern furniture and equipment, an AEG dishwasher and washing machine, a 630-liter black refrigerator, an electric plus microwave oven, a living room open to the terrace, large bedrooms , underfloor heating with Buderus central unit, Daikin air conditioning type four-way ceiling light, all Mobexpert furniture, exotic plants, latest generation Sony OLED TV with a diagonal of 196 cm, LEDs throughout the apartment, electrically operated extendable leather sofas, 3D walls. “

The details did not have the gift of impressing internet users, and their comments on Facebook, on the “Apartments for sale Bucharest” group, were not favorable at all.

555,000? God, you've gone crazy with these prices, stay there for 555,000 years”someone wrote.

Immediately, someone rushed to prove him right and explained that not even abroad, in the capitals of Western Europe or in tourist areas, the prices are not so steep. “It's cheaper in Berlin. And not only. Costa de Sol, Spain, is far below. With 500,000 euros you buy your penthouse”, he wrote.

Other netizens reacted even more virulently to this post. “Hmm! You are mentally ill. Unrecoverable! You need qualified help. I'm sick of it!”, someone commented. “The whole block?”, “Is the street for sale too?” and “They went crazy about everything”, there were other comments.