The Insured's Guide, 2nd edition, was launched. What rights do patients have?

The second edition of the Insured's Guide aims to increase the level of knowledge of the services offered within the health insurance system and the way this system works, according to a press release sent by CNAS.

The guide contains information about the quality of the insured, the packages of medical services, the methods of accessing the services in each field of medical assistance, as well as the rights and obligations of the insured, according to the regulations in force at the present time. The guide is addressed to both insured and uninsured people, who can find out which medical services they are entitled to and how to access them.

The current edition of the Insured's Guide was necessary, more than two years after the appearance of the first edition, given that during this time the service packages for insured and uninsured persons have expanded considerably. At the same time, in the drafting of this edition, the proposals and recommendations received by CNAS after reading the previous edition of the guide were taken into account.

The policyholder's guide – about patients' rights and obligations

“Correct, complete and accessible information for insured persons is a fundamental condition for the proper functioning of any health system. The insured's guide is a tool designed to summarize, in an easy-to-understand way, the main provisions of the vast legislation in the field, which is inevitably written in a language of specialized, medical and legal terminology. And being insured gives you rights, but it also gives you obligations. The right to medical service also means the obligation to take care of your own health not only when you feel sick, to visit your family doctor for preventive purposes” – says Valeria Herdea, president of CNAS.

At the same time, the launch of the new edition of the Policyholder's Guide is the first step of a public information campaign about the rights and obligations of policyholders, which will be carried out over the coming months.

The second edition of the Policyholder's Guide is posted on the CNAS website,, on the Internet pages of the health insurance companies in the territory, and promoted on the institution's Facebook page. The direct link to the guide is: