The iPhone notification you definitely don't want to receive: “You're being targeted by a mercenary spyware attack.” Apple announcement

There is an alert that iPhone owners would not want to receive under any circumstances. Apple has notified some iPhone users in 92 countries that they have been targeted by spyware. The alerts are aimed at people Apple believes have been targeted by spyware, such as politicians, activists and journalists. The company came up with a recommendation.

Influential people targeted by an Apple warning PHOTO Archive

The warning that your phone may have been targeted by a spyware attack can give anyone the chills – especially if the alert is likely to be triggered by the function held. Some iPhone users in 92 countries received such a notification on Wednesday, according to TechCrunch. Apple has sent similar notices in the past, Business Insider notes.

Apple has detected that you are being targeted by a mercenary spyware attack that is attempting to remotely compromise the iPhone associated with your Apple ID,” it is shown in the notification.

This attack is probably targeting you, specifically,

because of who you are or what you do. While it's never possible to be absolutely certain when we detect such attacks, Apple has great faith in this warning – please you take it seriously”is the continuation of the message.

Influencers, the main target of warnings

Apple doesn't say exactly what causes threat notifications or how those threats are detected, according to its support page, on the grounds that this “could help mercenary spyware attackers adapt their behavior to avoid viito detectionARe“.

Because the warnings were sent simultaneously, it is unclear when the possible targeting of different users occurred. Apple emphasizes that it sends warning notifications “several times a year”.

The tech giant says that since 2021, it has notified users in more than 150 countries about potential spyware attacks. The most common targets are journalists, activists, politicians, diplomats and other influential figures.

Appeal to third parties

If you receive the spyware notification from Apple, there are not many options that are recommended. But Apple “strongly suggests” users contact third-party experts, such as nonprofit organizations like the Digital Security Helpline.

Outside organizations have no information about what prompted Apple to send a threat notification, but they can help targeted users with tailored security advice.” says Apple.

Last year, several independent Russian media outlets headlined Apple's warnings that they were being targeted by a “state-sponsored” spyware attack — apparently a Russian government program capable of hacking iPhones using the NSO Group's “zero click” Pegasus spy that can be sent via iMessage.

Apple appears to have dropped the “state-sponsored” warning in this latest wave of notifications, though the company notes that “individually targeted attacks of exceptional cost and complexity have historically been associated with state actors, including private companies developing mercenary spyware.”

At the moment, Apple has not commented.