The Ministry of Education publishes the Teacher's Guide. How teachers are taught to support their students at Baccalaureate 2024

High school graduates have entered the last week in which they can recap the subject for the baccalaureate. But not only they experience great emotions, but also the parents, and also the teachers to whom the Ministry of Education even dedicated a guide with recommendations.

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Teachers are advised how to motivate their students to enroll in the Baccalaureate, how to learn effectively, how to recover lost material or recapitulate it.

The teacher's guide contains recommendations for those who teach the Baccalaureate subjects, but also for conductors, writes For example, a teacher teaching a Baccalaureate subject should implement a support program to recap the subject close to the exam, the guide suggests.

Leaders, on the other hand, must motivate students to enroll in BAC and establish a relationship of trust with them from the 9th grade. Directors are also advised to maintain “a permanent connection with the class teachers, especially with those who teach subjects that correspond to the exam tests”, to identify learning problems in time and take measures to solve them.

The role of the specialist teacher in the success of students

The specialist teacher is the one who teaches a 2024 Baccalaureate subject. In order to help the student succeed in the exam, he must ensure, through course evaluations, that the level of the students' acquisitions is appropriate and permanent over a long period of time, “especially in the case of subjects that have a corresponding exam, but are studied during a school year, even with the first year of high school“, we learn from the document.

In order for the students to have confidence in their own abilities, it is essential that the specialist teacher familiarizes the students with the structure and format of the exam test, in the discipline he teaches. Another recommendation is to encourage students to participate in Baccalaureate simulations and provide feedback. The student needs to understand why he received a certain score on the simulation so that he can correct his mistakes in the future.

“The teacher must pay attention to, within the simulations, replicating the exam conditions as faithfully as possible, so that the student is not distracted during the exam. Providing feedback on learning is a key element in the specialist teacher's relationship with their own students. The student must understand what determined the achievement of a certain grade/score, in order to be able, with the support of the teacher, to have interventions to correct the state of learning”.

Recapitulation of the matter, the key to success

The guide suggests that, close to the Baccalaureate exam, each specialized teacher should think of a support program that provides the framework for recapitulating the subject, so as to cover the competencies provided in the exam syllabus through the training hours for the teaching discipline.

“An additional challenge arises in the subjects that have a correspondent in the exam tests, but which were taught in previous years (9th – 11th grades), in this sense, the teacher must pay attention to restoring his relationship with the students and to ensure support in the option they make, referring here especially to the choice test of the baccalaureate exam”, May the guide states.