The mundane objects that saved people in critical situations. “The neighbor from 7 decided it was a good idea to set the apartment on fire”

The fear of unforeseen events causes some to be apparently excessively cautious, but more than once it has been proved that they were inspired. There are situations where seemingly mundane objects can make the difference between life and death.

Many Romanians escaped dramatic situations at the border. PHOTO: Pixabay

“Prudence knows no defeat”, says an old proverb, and many have been convinced of the veracity of this message. Among them is a Bucharest resident, who reported on the Reddit platform an unpleasant experience, but also the lessons learned from this situation.

This morning, Sunday, my neighbor from the 7th floor (sector 3, Bucharest), decided it was a good idea to set fire to his apartment. Luckily I was already awake by 7.30am, so I felt the smoke as soon as the fire started to get bigger. The next second I came out of the apartment to see him staring out the door at the fire! Within 7 minutes of the 112 call, which happened while I was running down the stairs, two fire engines and a SMURD Ambulance arrived! In the end, the fire was extinguished without spreading to other apartments, and the perpetrator, tied to a SMURD stretcher and transported to the hospital”, he wrote.

Items that can save lives

And added, at the end, the drawn conclusion: “As a result, I wish I had a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher in my house, things that I really think can save lives, and I recommend you have them too!

Reactions came immediately, and most netizens agreed. “Normally there should be a fire extinguisher in every block staircase”, someone wrote. “On every floor even“, pointed out another. “I lived in Korea for 7 years and they had this on every floor and between floors“, another internet user intervened.

There were also jokes. “At every door” and “In every bed even” were just two reactions that showed that Romanians do not lose their sense of humor even in such situations.

Others were incredulous: “In our country, they are not in children's hospitals and you want them to be on every floor of the block, where most of the administrators are the faithful mirror of the communist mentality that you also find in the leadership of the country?”

Someone realized that there would be no point in having fire extinguishers like this if people weren't trained in advance how to use them: “Plus trained people how to use it! I don't know how many people, if I put a fire extinguisher in their hands, would know how to use it! But you know how they would think when there's a big fire and they hear about it on TV or in the newspapers, “come on, there's no way something like this could happen here”. And guess what, it actually happens!”

“When I was in the 12th grade, a fire crew came to give us a demonstration on how to use the fire extinguisher. The idea was good, but a crew with only two fire extinguishers available to an entire high school seemed a bit much, but I, for one, was excited to learn how to use it. Honestly, I would like to believe that these demonstrations are still practiced at schools/high schools/faculties. Luckily I never had to use a fire extinguisher and I hope I never do“, added another.

How useful a smoke detector would be

“The most important thing, in Canada at least, is the smoke detector, then I think in the apartment buildings they have fire extinguishers between the apartments”someone else said.

“When I was little, in the 90s, there was a fire extinguisher on every floor in my apartment building. Now they are gone because there is no money for maintenance or they are stolen”, someone told.

A smoke and carbon monoxide detector should be standard, especially when you live in a block of flats. If it happened at 4 o'clock when everyone was still asleep, do you think it would have been the same?”, someone asked.

“That is also my biggest fear. It was 7.30 when I was already awake. If it was night, I don't know how the situation would have been. In any case, not so well I think”replied the author of the original post.

“Which smoke detector, the mandatory ones that by law should be but in fact everyone keeps unplugged?”, was an observation.

“On Calea Călărasilor, right? It `s a small World”someone wrote, and was immediately jokingly replied: “And the perpetrator!”