The prices on the Romanian coast have gone crazy. How much the usual supermarket products ended up costing

The month of May is almost at the end and the traders on the Romanian coast are finalizing the last details for the new holiday season. Even if tourists are not flocking to the resorts for now, many businesses have already opened their doors.

Mamaia SOURCE The Truth Archive

Thus, many stalls and supermarkets are already ready to receive customers, but they welcome them with huge prices.

The prices on the Romanian coast have gone crazy

The merchants on the Romanian coast want to make the most of the summer season and have already opened many of the shops or stalls on the shores of the Black Sea. Even if tourists are not flocking to the resorts for now, the peppered prices are waiting on the shelves.

“Adevărul” reporters talked to some tourists from Iași, who are during these days in the Mamaia resort, where the last details are being worked out for the reception of visitors.

They stated that they could not help but notice the inflated prices of some products, in some cases being double the usual ones.

There are very few people in the resort, we went here for the quiet. I think many people work on the coast, from the ones we see. The prices are already very high for the products in the bigger shops, but also in the small shops on the seafront. Sunscreen lotions are very expensive. I bought a lotion at home for 60 lei, and here, the same lotion costs 134 lei. It's more than double. Juices, water, everything is extremely expensive. And in the past years there were high prices, but now they seem to be higher than ever“, said Bogdan Rusu, a 29-year-old young man who is on vacation in Mamaia.

Water and juice, very expensive on the seaside

Tourists were also surprised by the prices of drinks in the supermarket. According to what they reported, juices and water have much higher prices than usual.

You can buy a can of juice for 8 or 9 lei, while at home, at any store, it is almost 5 lei. We are talking about store prices, not terrace or restaurant prices. A flat water for 2 liters is almost 10 lei, normally it is the same, about 5 lei. The prices are high, you can no longer say that you go to the beach and buy from the store because it is cheaper. It's the same with beer or wine. A beer that normally costs up to 6 lei, in Mamaia is sold for 8 or 9 lei. The wine, almost double the price, depends on the variety“, said the 29-year-old young man.