The reshuffle of the Ciolacu Government, prepared after the announcement of the lists in the first elections. Who could leave the Government SOURCES

Several ministers who would receive seats considered eligible in the June 9 elections will leave the Government, a reshuffle being prepared as soon as the list for the European Parliament is announced, according to “Adevărul” information

The candidates entered into the campaign will leave the Government PHOTO

According to “Adevărul” information, Marcel Ciolacu prefers not to have people in the Executive who are focused on their own campaign, not on governance, given that the official election period lasts four weeks, but the events scheduled by the parties will be even earlier.

From the liberals, given as the favorite for a seat in the European Parliament is Alina Gorghiu, currently Minister of Justice, being considered the person with the best chances to occupy the second eligible seat dedicated to ladies, given that Nicolae Ciucă stated that two seats will be for ladies.

Another name of a minister who could go to Brussels, although the chances are very small, according to sources from the PNL leadership, is Luminița Odobescu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In fact, currently Luminița Odobescu is rather building her own team at External Affairs, some of those who came under Bogdan Aurescu's mandate being released or sent to other positions.

On the other hand, among the social democrats, a minister who has publicly stated his desire to run is Alexandru Rafila (Health). It remains to be seen if Rafila will manage to catch the eligible place that an organization from the Bucharest-Ilfov region should receive.

In addition to these, two other people would like to go to Brussels, according to social democratic sources: Simona Bucura Oprescu (Minister of Labor) and Natalia Intotero (Minister of the Family). In the case of both, it is quite difficult to get a place on the list in the first 15, which would also be eligible.

Last but not least, a possible departure could also come following the insistence of the liberals. It is about the Minister of Agriculture, Ionuț Barbu, with whom some of the PNL are dissatisfied, after he changed the former head of APIA, in the context of the scandal related to agricultural subsidies, including those related to reed harvesting, where the beneficiaries would be two companies close to the family of Paul Stănescu, the general secretary of the PSD.

What the numbers look like for the Coalition

According to the latest poll by INSCOP, commissioned by, the PSD-PNL Alliance would obtain 17 mandates in the European Parliament (after the redistribution of mandates, following the distribution and for the votes of the parties that do not hold the legislature), having the chance of even 18 mandates, with a little luck . Practically, the number of mandates is close to the Coalition's objective.