The scandal continues in the party led by Diana Sosoacă. New accusations launched by the senator's husband

Dumitru Silvestru-Sosoacă launches new accusations against his wife, Senator Diana Sosoacă. He was suspended as first vice-president of the party by his wife, whom he accused of abuse.

Diana Sosoacă's husband launches new accusations PHOTO Archive

There are certain patterns (typologies – visible in other ways) that act around you and speculate on you emotionally:

When someone urges you for months to go to Moscow and you accept this pressure as if it were something normal…

When someone over-promotes you, belittling your potential as a leader, turning you into a star for his personal and professional interests….

When someone else gathers a few dozen people and praises you like a goddess, and you end up feeling flattered for it.” writes Dumitru Silvestru-Şoșoacă on Facebook in an open letter addressed to his wife.

Diana Şoșoa threatened her husband, sending a harsher message.

“I have a special message for you, Silviu. If you don't stop, I will reveal the names of those behind you. It's an ultimatum. Get your paws off the SOS Romania party! Take the paws off this hope of the Romanian people.

I will never allow anyone to make fun of the national struggle. For me personal life no longer exists! Since I got involved in this fight against the system! I'm just a mother“, said Sosoacă in a video published on Facebook.

Suspended by wife

Senator Diana Şoşoacă suspended her husband from the position of first vice-president of SOS, reasoning that the decision was taken to “get him out of the clutches of the services that surrounded him”.

Dumitru Silvestru-Şoşoacă in turn accused his wife of abusive actions, claiming that the decision is illegal.

Later, on February 19, the Executive Office of SOS sent a statement announcing the maintenance of the suspension.

“We inform you that the SOS Romania Party maintains its decision to suspend, for a period of 6 months, the position of first vice president of Mr. Silvestru Dumitru Șoșoacă.

The decision was taken after his lordship's repeated violations of the provisions of the SOS Romania Party Statute. The statutory forums will rule in the situation where his lordship agrees to challenge it, something that has not happened so far.

We believe that his lordship's statements in the mass media seriously damage the party's image and attract civil and criminal consequences. The Central Executive Office, of which he is a part, will analyze the opportunity to exclude his rule from the party”, shows the press release sent by the Central Executive Office of the SOS Romania Party