The signal of a Romanian language teacher, after correcting the papers from the National Assessment: “They have a very serious problem”

The evaluation of works on Romanian language and literature, a process still ongoing within the 2024 National Assessment exam, gives teachers the opportunity to warn again that many children do not know how to write correctly.

The teachers noticed a lot of writing mistakes in the digitally assessed works PHOTO: Pixabay

The subjects of the first test of the National Assessment 2024, the one in Romanian language and literature, will bring high marks to the most diligent of the students, according to the teachers who are currently in the correction centers and evaluate the papers. Many instead will lose precious points for increasingly common mistakes. By the time they recognize figurille, teachers say, eighth-graders have proven they can’t spell correctly.

Surprise, although it’s not a surprise to me, he made a lot of mistakes in point 8, where he had to fill in the correct forms of some words. They were most wrong about “complex”,
they didn’t know that the plural from «.complex» It is «.COMPLEXES». to «.blacks» – instead of taking it with one «and» they took him with two «and» and so on. Grades of 10 will not be taken in Romanian also due to the fact that they do not know how to write the correct forms of some words. They «black eyes» and they took «blacks»although I clearly know that in order to have two «and» must come before the noun”a teacher in a correctional center told “Adevărul”.

The exercise that got many students wrong

The exercise that got many students wrong

Mistakes are so common in student work that it becomes apparent that learning to write correctly is no longer a priority either in the elementary grades or later.

They have a very serious problem. I don’t know how to write correctly. And in the school they insist on “fixed – fixed”, “orthodox-orthodox”, “complex – complex”, I do this with my students in the first grade”. explained the teacher.

There are differences, he admits, between classes when moving from primary to secondary school, and where the teacher insisted less on correct writing, the task of the secondary school teacher will be much more difficult.

“Some teachers don’t do that anymore, some teachers do so many extracurricular activities with them during classes, because they are in a rush for papers, certificates, certificates, that spelling class no longer exists. Nor does it correct their mistakes. Where the parent is also uneducated and doesn’t see the mistakes and doesn’t correct him… And so the child thinks it’s right to write “I’m sorry” or “I’m sorry”. adds the teacher.

Sometimes, the teacher reveals, the transition from small classes to middle school even brings conflicts between parents and teachers.

The parent doesn’t understand what it’s about, he doesn’t realize the child’s mistakes, instead he knows that the student had FB all the time and is angry when he got an 8 in Romanian language in middle school. This FB is given far too easily”, draws the teacher’s attention.

And the fact that students are more and more attracted to reading is an explanation for what is happening today, says the teacher.