The superb natural lake formed after the 1977 earthquake. Where is it and what does the “new Red Lake” in Romania look like PHOTO

Lake Foroja or Goioasa is one of the picturesque attractions in the Tarcăului Mountains, located in the Eastern Carpathians, mountains that stretch in the counties of Bacău, Neamț and Harghita.

Lake Foroja in the Tarcăului Mountains attracts hiking enthusiasts PHOTO Ionel Codruț

The lake was formed by a massive landslide, in the area of ​​the Foroja stream, after the 1977 earthquake, on the southern slope of the Muncelu peak (Preluca Tâlharului in the Tarcăului Mountains), where a tectonic trench was formed.

Several paths, starting from the villages of Goiasa and Preluci, Agăș commune, lead to the lake, but also to the top of Muncel, located at 1288 meters above sea level. There is also a route that leads to the lake, about an hour long, starting from the Goioasa bus stop.

A lake similar to the one in Bacău County, formed since 1978, is Lake Cuejdel (or Lake of the Cross) in the Stânișoara Mountains, Neamț County. This is one of the largest natural dam lakes in Romania, surpassing the Red Lake in size.

Tourist routes and paths arranged in the area

According to the website, made by a family from Onești, passionate about hiking in the mountains of Bacău county, in the area of ​​Agăș and Asău there are at least seven mountain paths, which pass through places with scenic views and names.

A route that reaches Lake Foroja starts from Goioasa and passes through Plaiul cu Pini, Mount Lacu Sec, Mount Muncelu, Lake Foroja, La Trecătoare, Vârful Útărcătorea, returning to the village of Goioasa.

Also starting from Agăș commune, you can reach another mountain lake, on the Agăș Hill, Seaca Hill, Agăș Lake, Bâtca Hotarului, Muncel mountain, Hijmei Hill and Vârful Dealului route. Lake Agăş can also be seen by walking along a path towards Vârful Falca Porcului, Mount Aluniş, Mount Măceşu Mare towards Simbrea.

Tourists, who want to discover the mountains and the more famous trails in Bacău County, have at their disposal, in Valea Trotușului, a rich offer of accommodation spaces, along the length of more than 40 kilometers of the valley, from Lunca de Jos, to You share.