The terrible drama of Irina, former member of the band ASIA: “I managed to remain sane, although the soul…”

Former member of the band ASIA, Irina Nicolae leads a quiet life in Budapest, with her husband and daughter. But it was not always quiet. Several years ago, the artist's happiness was overshadowed by a real drama, writes

Irina Nicolae and her husband, Marius Vizer PHOTO The truth

About this terrible incident, the former singer had the strength to speak recently, in an interview, reports Irina Nicolae lost her first child due to health problems. She had to give birth at 5 months.

“It was an induced, natural birth due to medical issues that I discovered later. It was an experience I don't wish on anyone, but life doesn't cut corners and we have to take it as it comes. I am grateful that I managed to stay sane, although my soul was broken, but I knew and felt that the day would come when I would hold my child in my arms and that I had to get up, move on, fight , not to give up and not to forget that God is light and love!”, explained the artist.

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Recently, the artist Sorana Darclee, who the public knows mostly as a member of the band ASIA, revealed that she suffers from a neurological disorder that has affected her all her life, but which she only learned about two years ago.

The artist confessed in the La Măruță show that what her parents had thought as a child was just “too much energy“, it was actually an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) from which he never got rid of: “It affected my whole life.”

Sorana realized this after watching a video on a social network when she was 38 years old.

“There was a video on TikTok with a guy who said: it happens that you can't complete a project, you start doing one thing and in the meantime you have 700 other ideas and you leave them all (…) . You have ADHD!“, said Sorana in the show “La Măruță”.