Titi Aur, about women behind the wheel, in a borderline situation: “They don't think they can, they don't have that courage, that audacity”

An expert in defensive driving, the former rally driver recently spoke about the difference between men and women when behind the wheel. Titi Aur says that both genders control the car as well or as little well, in borderline situations.

The specialist stated in the DC Conducem show from DC News that both categories are equal, without taking into account the exceptions.

Titi Aur, defensive driving expert PHOTO Facebook

Our conclusion, those in defensive leadership, is that in terms of actual machine sense, talent, skill, there is perfect equality between men and women. It's just that men are more decisive and confident, women are more shy. But when I get to limit situations I control the car just as well or just as little, equally. Women are part of our trainees that need to be raised, in the sense that the degree of confidence needs to be increased, because they can do things with the car. They don't think they can or they don't try or they don't have that guts or they don't have that audacity, that aggression. The man is more aggressive, stronger, scares harder, the woman leaves more shy.

Titi Aur wanted to specify that, obviously, there are exceptions to the rule: “there are also very shy men and very aggressive women, but those are the very exceptions.”

Romania, “champion” in road accidents

Romania ranks first in Europe in the number of road accidents. According to the National Institute of Statistics, more than 70 accidents take place on the country's roads every day. More than 70% of them happen during the day, and 87% happen on dry roads.

In 2022, there were, on average, 76 accidents per day, which means, in a single year, more than 28,000 accidents throughout the country. As a result of these accidents, every day, on average, four Romanians died.

In total, almost 1,500 people died on the roads in Romania and around 3,500 were injured. At European level, the safest roads are in Sweden (18 deaths per million inhabitants), while Romania (93 deaths per million inhabitants) reported the highest rate in 2021, the year for which we have aggregated figures at the level by the EU.