Violent incident in Craiova. A lawyer claims that he was “spit on, cursed and threatened” by Adrian Mititelu

Adrian Mititelu, the financier of FC U Craiova 1948, and a lawyer, Bogdan Grigore, were the protagonists of a violent incident that happened on Friday, in broad daylight, in the center of Craiova. The owner of the Oltenis would have spat, cursed, threatened and slapped the lawyer.

Adrian Mititelu claims that “it was not a fight”. Photo: Facebook (Archive)

Bogdan Grigore reported the incident to the police and filed a criminal complaint.

I was going to the ANAF headquarters, in front of the FCU Craiova club, on Friday morning, at 11 o'clock. I met an acquaintance, we were talking, after which Adrian Mititelu appeared from among some cars in front of the club. He started cursing me, addressing me with offensive words and expressions. I was in the street, right there is a taxi stand next to the club, about 10-15 meters from the entrance to the club.

He told me that I offended Adrian Mititelu junior on Facebook, after which everything degenerated into a conflict related to the litigation in which I represent a party with which he is in conflict, more precisely with his family. Basically, it was just a pretext, the one with Adrian Mititelu junior.

In reality, he has been threatening me for a long time because I dare to exercise my profession and represent in court certain parties with whom he is in conflict. He broke my glasses, spat on me, cursed me, threatened me, punched me.

He slapped me twice across the face, spat on me, he took my glasses and smashed them on my head. He kicked me. I think that one of your relatives, I don't even know anymore because the events unfolded very quickly, Mr. Târcă, Gabi Blondu I know that he is called“, said the lawyer for Fanatik.

The file was registered at the Public Prosecutor's Office attached to the Craiova Court, for threat, hitting, destruction and insult.

Because, in reality, that was the main pretext. The fact that I dare to exercise my profession as a lawyer and that I represent people with whom you are in conflict. They are legal persons with whom he has some disputes“, added Bogdan Grigore.

After what happened on Friday, IPJ Dolj issued a press release on Saturday morning in which it confirmed the event that happened on January 16.

Yesterday, February 16, at around 10:57 a.m., the officers of the Craiova Police Department 1 were alerted by a 49-year-old man from the municipality of Craiova, regarding the fact that, while he was on Sf. Dumitru Street , from the municipality of Craiova, was allegedly assaulted by two male persons.

The police went to the scene, and established that, amid a spontaneous conflict, the 49-year-old man was allegedly threatened with acts of violence, being hit in the face by a 56-year-old man from the municipality Craiova.

At the same time, another man, 45 years old, from the municipality of Craiova intervened in the altercation, who allegedly hit the 49-year-old man in the body area. In the case, a criminal file was drawn up regarding the commission of the crimes of hitting or other violence and threats, activities are being carried out to establish the exact circumstances in which the event took place“, it is stated in the IPJ Dolj press release.

Adrian Mititelu's reaction

After the injured party presented his version, Adrian Mititelu came up with his own version. He claimed that he did not touch the man.

I went outside the club and saw him there. He is a relative of ours. He has been coming to matches on our invitation for three years, he is a fan of FCU Craiova. I am more volcanic by nature and I yelled at him, I was angry because he offended my family.

He attacked Adița on Facebook, with some very nasty messages. I reproached him for offending my family. I told him how I had treated him and his family and how he had repaid me. I'm from Olt and I have a big mouth, but I swear I didn't touch him. No fighting, no punching or altercation.

He came to me and said that it wasn't true, that he didn't offend Adita, while I tried to take out my phone and show him the messages. When he got too close I pushed him away a bit, but I can't even tell it was a hug.

I give you my word of honor that it wasn't a fight or anything! Someone from the club came out at one point and got between us. I understand that he made a complaint to the police, but I'm not here to discuss all the nonsense of some or others”said the owner of Olten for Prosport.