The mystery of the terrible smell that exasperated a Romanian family, half solved. “You know the story about the betrayed wife?”

There are cases when apparently for no reason pestilential odors appear that sometimes terrorize a block or an entire community. Sometimes they hide morbid events, but in other cases it all depends on much less dubious causes.

A netizen reminded the author of the post of the cheating wife. PHOTO: Pixabay

A woman faced a problem that is perhaps less common, but which in her case took an unpleasant turn. She described the problem on the Housewives Hacks Facebook group, where she asked for help and tried to find out if others had experienced similar problems.

Hello! I will tell a little about the situation, maybe I can find a solution here. I live for rent in a 3-room apartment, which was painted, newly furnished. Since we moved into one of the rooms we noticed a strange smell, but we said that in the future it will disappear. Strange that it didn't disappear, in that room I started to change the parquet, the mattress, the furniture (even though they were new), I even took down the walls and rebuilt them thinking that maybe there is a dead mouse in there,” she began her post.

But that wasn't all. She went on to recount in detail the “detective” work she did to solve the mystery of the pestilential smell in the room.

The stench that won't go away

“I looked everywhere for a solution, I wiped with all kinds of solutions, my husband tells me that maybe I have a problem with that smell because he doesn't smell it (but I tend to think that he tells me this just to stop me from losing money with that camera that we basically redid on our own money). I looked for the former tenants to see if they also had this problem, I asked the owner, but they told me that since everything is new, there is no way such a thing could exist”she writes.

In desperation, the two husbands decided to do a little test.
“So that there would be no more endless discussions between me and my husband, I left home for 2 days, I left the window closed (I want to mention that the whole time the room was with the window open and the door closed to prevent the smell from spreading). When we came back we had him enter that room, it was something indescribable. You couldn't stay there, we barely managed to open the window, I didn't imagine it would be like this”, she continues.

Now, the woman has reached a situation where she no longer sees any solution.
“To move, we can't move (it's rented by the company we work for, it's all new, state-of-the-art, and I can't be crazy enough to say the situation, maybe they wouldn't believe it). It's very close to my daughter's school and I'm thinking maybe I can find a solution, not to rush into hasty decisions. I hope to resolve as soon as possible that the situation has started to break me mentally, to make this all an obsession and all the time to look for and try new ways to eliminate the smell. Thanks for any answers!”she concluded her post.

What do the Romanians advise her?

In no time, his post went viral and numerous people tried to come up with advice and offer him a solution.

“Did you change the flooring? I had a puppy in the house, until I steam cleaned everywhere, I couldn't get rid of the smell. Everywhere, i.e. parquet, corners, plinth, radiator“, someone wrote.

I controlled every corner of the room, changed everything! Someone told me that it could be the radiator, but I didn't change this one“, returned the author of the post.

In the back of the refrigerator or under the furniture, they shouldn't have put pricked eggs and they smell, we did it”, it was another idea.

“Ma'am, you know that story about the betrayed wife who took revenge and when she left the conjugal home she put fish in the curtains' galleries. The husband and the mistress didn't know where the smell was coming from, and after they changed everything around the house, they sold the apartment to the ex-wife for nothing because no one would buy it…. Look where you're looking, usually the solution is right in front of you.” another lady told him.

“Or the story of the egg stuck in the wall. A raw egg, which has a small hole made at one end, built into the wall, and a hole as small as a hair is left. Or in the drapery galleries. Take some pictures of the camera and post them…. Maybe we can help you”was another tip.

It's the first time I've heard the story, but I also took that into account… The problem for me is some tubes with wires inserted through the walls. I don't know exactly why the smell is unbearable on them, but at least I found the cause…I hope to solve it as soon as possible, and look how some seemingly minor problems bring us to the brink of despair. Thank you all for finding the solution here!“, the woman wrote towards the end.

Where should it be from?

“It's more than likely from venting! I also had a strange smell in the children's room, but this smell would come and go, and then I realized it was from the ventilation. Then work was done on the basement and we had no more problems! Talk to the administration and tell the problem!”another lady wrote to him.

“I stayed with rent on the ground floor and it still smelled terrible. We had water in the basement, so the rats made room and climbed up the pipe. Even if the pipes were masked, the smell still persisted. The owners came and plugged in the bedroom by the pipes” someone else said.

“Put in a few saucers of vinegar and leave it like that for a day and a night or more. Vinegar annihilates any odor. I also put it in the kitchen when I cook, when I fry something, the vinegar absorbs the smell in all cases, rooms, kitchen, bathroom”, another lady advised her.

The advice that gave him chills

There were also some suggestions that most likely had the gift of scaring the author of the post.

“You cleaned, painted, changed the parquet, it would have been normal for it to stop smelling. Just in that room? Check the walls to make sure no one is duplicated to get a big surprise. Or together with the administrator of the block you control that it does not come from a neighbor. There are many possibilities: dogs, cats, stored garbage or even the death of a neighbor. Control all shared walls with the administrator. Good luck solving the problem!”was another suggestion.

“Do you have ventilation? An acquaintance suffered something similar and a month later they found the neighbor below deceased in the house, the smell was coming through the ventilation…”it was an idea that gave shivers to the author of the post.

A friend lived in a rented apartment for about 15 years. He never had a problem. Last year the ordeal started only in the bedroom. Coming home from work one day, he felt a terrible smell, so that in a few days the room was full of bugs, earthworms and all kinds of “life”… from where? Where from? After he “renovated” the room, including calling the extermination company to find out that the neighbor above had been dead for almost two months in the room above the bedroom. And that's how the problem was found. The bugs that were above were coming down to her. And I specify that she is a woman obsessed with cleanliness. Because of this he had to move”was another terrifying “story”.

“Get out of there! Don't waste your energy, don't exhaust yourself mentally, it's not worth it. Explain the situation to the one who rented the apartment to you and put an end to it. Look for another apartment that suits you”, was a piece of advice.

A “worldly” problem

However, it turned out that the problem facing the author of the post was a less dire one.

“I had a smell in the room from a switch, behind which was the drain from the kitchen, and the smell was coming from the basement. And in another situation I found a dried mouse in the socket. Talk to those who are older in the block and ask where the ventilation shafts from the apartments were. If they canceled them and didn't insulate enough, it can smell. I suffered this with a debara. After I also dismantled the storage room, the downstairs neighbor came, because it smells like her. Also, plasterboard double walls can have anything behind them…”, was another idea.

“Check the sockets and switches to see if you've changed everything, the smell can only come from there, the electrical installation. I'm curious, let me know if you felt anything from there”someone suggested.

And apparently that was the fix, because the author of the original post came back with thanks. “Exactly, ma'am, to some tubes that have some threads that smell so bad. The problem is that I don't know why the smell is so strong (that specific rotten meat smell). I hope we can resolve them as soon as possible“, she concluded.