Traffic to Romania from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, monitored using asphalt sensors

A traffic monitoring system was introduced, for the first time, in Galati County. With the help of asphalt sensors, car traffic from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine will be monitored.

Traffic from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine will be monitored with the help of sensors PHOTO: CJ Galați

According to the county authorities, the sensors will be installed on the county roads near the border with the Republic of Moldova. The roads on which a lot of cars from the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine travel were chosen.

The sensors will provide information about traffic, and the weather stations included in the project will provide information about wind, precipitation and ice on the road.

It is a pilot project that will be implemented on the county roads in the cross-border area, respectively on DJ 242E Băneasa – Roșcani – Oancea and DJ 242D Băneasa – Suceveni – Rogojeni. The two roads are intensively used for the transport of goods from and to the Republic of Moldova.

“Sensors will help monitor traffic volume and check tonnage, and weather stations will indicate wind speed, amount of precipitation and outside temperature, as well as the temperature of the roadway, to be able to intervene preventively in case of conditions for the formation of ice on the road side”, announced Costel Fotea, the president of the Galați County Council, the institution implementing the project.

Moreover, through this project, a multi-functional machine will be purchased, which can be used for cutting vegetation, washing roads and road signs, spreading anti-skid material and removing snow from the road side.

The value of the investment is approximately 1.2 million euros.

The financing of the project will be done with European funds from a cross-border program Romania-Republic of Moldova.

More and more accidents caused by Ukrainian refugees

Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian refugee citizens have been involved in several road accidents in our country, which have resulted in deaths and dozens of injuries. The tragedies happen, according to the specialists, on an acute emotional background and because of the state of fatigue in which those behind the wheel were.

Such road events took place in the counties of Galati, Neamţ, Vaslui, Harghita, Satu Mare, Vâlcea or Maramureş.