Tragedy avoided by a millimeter. The images that went viral on social media

A tragedy avoided by a millimeter was captured by cameras on a road in Romania. A driver was one step away from a disaster, after suddenly waking up with a truck in the opposite direction.

Accident avoided SOURCE Radar Iasi Florin Tugui

Only the luck and skill of the truck driver made this incident not have tragic consequences.

Tragedy avoided by a millimeter

The images shared on the Radar Iași Facebook group left netizens speechless. In the footage captured by the surveillance cameras, it can be seen how the driver of a TIR avoids, by millimetres, a tragedy of such proportions.

He overtook, at the last moment, a Ford car, which turned right, on a secondary road. At that moment, the truck, which was traveling at speed, entered the opposite direction, where another car was coming from.

The driver made an incredible maneuver and managed to return to the direction of travel, avoiding a tragedy. In the images shared online, it can be seen how the car driver also tried to avoid the impact. He braked suddenly and pulled the steering wheel, leaving the road.

The images caused real controversy

Online, opinions are divided. Many internet users blame the lack of proper road infrastructure.

When the security mafia vandalized CFR Marfa and gave them chances to transport any good. Yes, this year we have elections, let's sanction them by canceling the vote! We have had enough of empty words for more than 30 years. No efficient road system, traffic of 2 money in the big cities, they destroyed the CFR, sanitary system, etc“, stated a resident of Iesa, in the comments section.

At the same time, other people appreciate the way the truck driver proceeded, avoiding the accident at the last second.

Well done to the thyristor, he avoided a catastrophe in a fraction of a second!!! The one with the Ford more than likely did not signal and like a kite he was also right...”, said another Iesian.