UDMR insists on the topic of the autonomy of the Szeklerland

The UDMR claims that the Szeklerland exists, in response to the statement of Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, who stated that it will never be an autonomous region.

Tanczos Barna: Marcel Ciolacu made an unfortunate statement saying that the Land of Secuie Photo: Archive

The Szeklerland was, is and will be! Today in Siculeni, near the Siculicidium monument, I had as a guest Mr. Marcel Ciolacu, the Prime Minister of Romania. Why? Yesterday, in Târgu Mureș, in a speech about tolerance, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu made an unfortunate statement saying that the Szeklerland will never exist. On this occasion I invited him and I thank the Prime Minister for accepting my invitation. We had the opportunity to talk about the fact that the Szeklerland exists. There was, there is and there will be. Of course, we also talked about autonomy, which the Szeklers lost here, in Siculeni, and for which they fought so hard”, stated, on Sunday, Tanczos Barna, in a post on his Facebook page, along with a video message in Hungarian.

Tanczos Barna also claimed to have given the prime minister a manual and a description in Romanian on the history of the Szeklerland.

“The Prime Minister believes that there will never be autonomy again. I say that we should not open a debate on this subject in 2024, in the election year, because in this way we only help extremist parties such as AUR and the Sosoaca party. We agreed to continue the collaboration. I managed to offer the Prime Minister two books. A manual and a description in Romanian on the history of the Szeklerland, which highlights its existence. The fact that we are here in the Szeklerland and that we could have him as a guest proves that the Szeklerland exists. And we, the Transylvanian Hungarians, the Szeklers, the inhabitants of the Szekler Land, are the guarantee that the Szekler Land will exist. We are eagerly waiting for the prime ministers of Romania, in the Szeklerland, to show them the Szekler hospitality“, the UDMR senator also said.

Ciolacu: Let's finish with the nonsense, with the autonomy of the Szeklerland

The statement of UDMR senator Tanczos Barna comes after, on Saturday, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu made several statements, during a county election conference of the PSD Harghita organization, regarding the subject “the autonomy of the Szeklerland“, specifying that this “it will never exist.”

Times have passed. Both you and I want to raise our children in a normal country. To do this, first and foremost we must behave normally. Let's finish with the nonsense, with the autonomy of the Szeklerland. It wasn't and never will be. Romania in the Romanian Constitution is a sovereign state and no one will ever divide Transylvania. Romania is a member of the European Union, it is a member of NATO, all these stories and all these enmities appear when there are elections. See God, this is the way of political leaders to mobilize their electorate to vote. I have overcome those times. They are mixed families. Our children go to school together. We are in Romania and they are Romanian”, said Marcel Ciolacu.

The Prime Minister stated that he will not accept laws that favor Romanians of other ethnicities, urging respect.

I really will never accept excesses. I will not accept that in Romania there are laws that favor certain Romanians of other ethnicities. We are all equal. We must respect each other. If we do not respect each other, they must receive the rule of law because that is how democracy is maintained“, said Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu.