The harsh reaction of Albu's agent, after his player was excluded from the Rapid team. “The others drank milky”

Andrei Borza (18 years old) and Alexandru Albu (30 years old) chose to spend time in a club in Iasi after Rapid lost, 1-3 with Poli Iasi. The two starters were excluded from the team for an indefinite period from the team and fined by the cherry club.

Alexandru Albu, accused of running away from the camp to the club. Sportpictures photo

Mihai Stan, Alex Albu's agent, caught fire when he heard the decision of the management of Giulești. “Footballer Alexandru Albu was in the free program after a match of his team, 1-3 with Politehnica Iași (no, the heads of the group claim that the training camp only ended on Sunday evening). Young people, as you know, have fun. He was not under the influence of alcoholic beverages, he did not fight with anyone, he did not damage the image of the club.

Albu denies being in the club

Really, the result hurts, but footballers come after days of concentration and pressure. Let's not think that all the colleagues were in their pyjamas, they drank milk and drew the curtain to make it dark, so that the morning light wouldn't wake them up. Let's be serious and accept it”the agent wrote on his personal Facebook account.

Even if the agent and the footage confirm that Alexandru Albu was in the club immediately after the match with Poli Iasi, the player continues to deny. “Now I landed (no. from Iași) and I received (no. the images of him and Borza in the club), I have not been anywhere. I have not gone out anywhere. It is possible that it was from another day when I had free time and I went out a lot the world wants to harm us”, claims the speedster.