Nicolae Ciucă, secret meeting with a well-known businessman considered by the Coalition for the Capital City Hall UPDATE

The leader of the PNL, Nicolae Ciuca, was surprised, on Sunday evening, while he was talking with the businessman Dan Ostahie, the founder of the Altex company, who would have been taken into account by the Coalition for a possible candidacy for the Capital City Hall.

PNL head, meeting with a businessman considered for PMB. Source:

Update: Asked by the Gândul reporter if the businessman Ostahie will be the PNL candidate for the Capital City Hall, Nicolae Ciucă answered: “Not necessarily”.

The head of the PNL stated that he has known the two for a long time and that they are “at a table”and Remus Borza added that the discussions related to a possible candidacy are only “explorers”.

Original news:

According to images published by Gâ, a publication that mentions that the purpose of the discussions would have been a possible candidacy for the Capital City Hall.

The PSD and the PNL have not yet reached a conclusion regarding the candidate for the Capital City Hall, with several options of independents being tested, including the manager of the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, Cătălin Cîrstoiu and the businessman Dan Ostahie.

Although both parties have circulated other names in recent weeks, such as those of Gabriela Firea and Sebastian Burduja, in the end the Coalition would go for an independent for the Capital City Hall.

And in 2008, PSD supported an independent, but who had been in the social-democratic formation for a long time. It is about Sorin Oprescu, who managed to enter the second round with Vasile Blaga, after outranking Cristian Diaconescu (12.33%) and Ludovic Orban (11.85%). At that time, PSD's support was decisive for Oprescu, given that the social democrats had their own candidate.

“Equal chances” for Firea and Burduja

“At this moment we haven't gotten to discuss in detail and an answer as honest as possible is that even if we were to establish a common candidate we need an evaluation, a survey to see what is the positioning of those who are possible candidates and, of course, we are very interested in the candidate's profile in the voters' perception“, said Nicolae Ciucă, being asked about the common candidate for Bucharest. The PNL leader mentioned that, after the results of the polls, it will be analyzed in the coalition and a decision will be made.