Mihai Onilă, unrecognizable after 40 days of black fasting: “Is he speaking to us from heaven?”. How many kilos did the AXXA band member lose VIDEO?

During 40 days, Mihai Onilă only consumed water, during which he was filmed daily. The radical transformation has many who have remarked on how slimmed down he seems to be reacting online.

The AXXA band member has re-entered the public eye after revealing that he is fasting to heal all his organs, according to ProTV. For 40 days, Mihai Onilă only consumed water.

The artist only consumed water. PHOTO personal archive

The artist filmed himself daily and noted the transformations he goes through, showing himself proud of the results. From 86 kilograms, he reached 68 and confesses that he feels very well, but points out that he does not recommend adopting the black fast without prior preparation.

It received both congratulations and harsh criticism, the latter coming from followers who concluded that the diet was far too drastic.

There were also mean reactions: “Is he speaking to us from heaven?”, “Are you sure you are speaking?” What flowers do you like?”, “Tomorrow Florin will enjoy the package”, “It looks good, it has taken on the color of the wax”, “You really look very good! Your post was accepted!“.

However, Mihai Onilă told the residents of Cărcotaş that he will block them if they do not stop sending messages of this type.

“Important announcement for all those who are jokers, clowns, buffoons, frustrated and who comment very badly on my videos. After a week or so, after the end of the post, today, Wednesday, February 21, I am announcing that the moment you comment jokingly again, I will give you a direct report and block”said Mihai Onilă, according to SpyNews.

He is not the only star who has observed black fasting. And Damian Drăghici chose to experience a radical change in his diet for a week. The famous artist, aged 53, kept a black fast, consuming only water. The outcome? A 5.5-pound weight loss and more energy, he claims.

Black fasting contraindications

Despite some potential health benefits associated with fasting, it may not be right for everyone.

For example, if you have diabetes, fasting can lead to highs and lows in your blood sugar levels, which could be dangerous. It is best to talk to a doctor first if you have health problems or plan to fast for more than 24 hours.

Additionally, fasting is generally not recommended without medical supervision for older adults, adolescents, or underweight individuals. In the case of children, it is even contraindicated.

“I do not advise you to enter without prior preparation, I started from 86 kilograms, I reached 68. I feel very good, even if I have a slightly yellowish color, as you say. However, I am very well”, Onilă declared.