FCSB won against FC Botoşani (3-2), in the Super League

FCSB beat last-placed FC Botoşani by just one point, with a score of 3-2 (1-0), on Sunday, at the National Arena, in the 27th stage of the football Superleague, writes Agerpres.

FCSB – FC Botoșani PHOTO: Facebook/FCSBOfficial

FCSB opened the scoring quickly, through Florinel Coman (6), launched very well by Adrian Şut. Then Coman (10) sent the ball over the bar directly from the corner. FCSB managed to win at the end of a game with three eliminations, two of which from the hosts.

In min. 15, Antwi fouled Enzo Lopez and was eliminated at the signal of the video referee, after initially receiving only a yellow card.

Even in inferiority, FCSB continued to be dangerous. Alexandru Băluţă (25) shot at the goalkeeper Răzvan Ducan, after which Octavian Popescu resumed in the crossbar. In min. 45, Coman shot at the short corner, but rejected Ducan.

The guests had an excellent start in the second half, equalizing after 22 seconds, through the Italian Francesco Margiotta (46), who resumed the ball rejected by the goalkeeper Ştefan Târnovanu to the shot by Eduard Florescu. Margiotta scored on his debut, coming on at half-time.

The numerical balance was restored in min. 56, when the Argentinian striker Juan Kaprof received the second yellow card. Immediately, FCSB had a good opportunity through Coman (65), but Ducan saved. The team coached by Elias Charalambous took the lead through Joyskim Dawa's goal (71), from Băluţă's cross, and FCSB broke away through Coman's goal (76), on the counterattack, from Octavian Popescu's pass.

Darius Olaru was eliminated in min. 90+1, for a hard innings by Jaly Mouaddib. Initially, Olaru had received a yellow card, but when the VAR signaled, he changed the card to red.

FC Botoşani scored one more time until the end, through Reagy Ofosu (90+4), from the volley, after the Bulgarian Radoslav Dimitrov's cross.

FCSB reached the ninth consecutive stage without defeat, six wins and three draws.

FC Botoşani obtained two victories in the last three stages.

In the round, FCSB defeated FC Botoşani with a score of 1-0.

FC FCSB – AFC Botosani 3-2 (1-0)National Arena – Bucharest

They scored: Florinel Coman (6, 76), Joyskim Dawa (71), respectively Francesco Margiotta (46), Reagy Ofosu (90+4).

Red card: Nana Antwi (18), Juan Kaprof (FC Botoşani, 56), Darius Olaru (FCSB, 90+1).

Referee: Cătălin Busi (Râmnicu Vâlcea);

assistant referees: Marius Badea (Râmnicu Vâlcea), Ionuţ Marius Bobe (Bucharest);

fourth official: Ana Maria Terteleac (Berceni)

Video Referee: Cristina Mariana Trandafir (Bucharest);

video assistant referee: Ionuţ Coza (Cernica)

Observers: Vasile Bratu (Slobozia) – CCA, Ştefan Popa (Bucharest) – LPF