What Dan Bittman says about the possibility of running for District 1 City Hall: “I don't want to destroy their trust in me”

Dan Bittman, supported by AUR for a candidacy for the District 1 City Hall, stated in the premiere for Realitatea Plus, if his opinion about the possibility of candidacy, according to realitatea.net.

Dan Bittman PHOTO: Instagram

“I don't usually get involved in things I can't control or know about. It's easy to win, but it's very hard to keep promises afterwardsBittman said.

“It's not about winning some elections, it's about what you do if you win them. Many won candidacies with no or no experience in public administration. What do you do if you win? It takes certain qualities to do politics”, stated the Holograf soloist. He added that he considered himself flattered to be included in the list of possible AUR candidates, “but I don't want to destroy their trust in me”.

Bittman's statements came in the context in which the president of AUR, George Simion, said that the Holograf band's soloist will be measured in his band's opinion polls for a possible candidacy for the Sector 1 City Hall, in the elections that will take place in June.