Scandal at Rapid after Albu and Borza partied in a club after the 3-1 defeat in Iași. Daniel Niculae: “They will be excluded from the team”

Alexandru Albu (30 years old) and Andrei Borza (18 years old) were caught in a night club after Rapid's away defeat at Poli Iași, final score 3-1, and they most likely risk exclusion from the team.

Andrei Borza (18 years old), accused of being disrespectful PHOTO Sportpictures

Daniel Niculae, the president of Rapid, reacted after the escapade of the two and told GSP that “they will be excluded and will receive a corresponding financial penalty“.

They were not allowed to do such a thing, they were in the camp, they left without telling anyone. They will be excluded from the team for an indefinite period and will also receive an appropriate financial sanction, but which will be established according to the internal order regulation”, said Niculae.

It's disrespectful to everyone: fans, management, colleagues. You can't do that, especially after you lose a match and you know that in 3 days you play an intermediate stage! But, first of all, it's not admissible to leave the training camp and do something like that!“, also declared the Rapid president.

Dan Șucu, angry at the players' escapade after the team's defeat

Dan Șucu, angry at the players' escapade after the team's defeat PHOTO archive Adevărul

The majority shareholder of Rapid, Dan Șucu, had, for his part, a reaction commensurate with the gesture of the two: “OK, I can understand that we lost, it's a sports competition. But I also cannot understand that two of my players were not hurt by the failure. That has to do with wanting to be a champion. Without soul, without pain you cannot be a champion“.

Moreover, Șucu says that the contract extension for Alexandru Albu is in danger.

The most strange seems to me to be the case of Alexandru Albu, who is in the middle of negotiations for the contract extension. Now, I don't know what else he can expect from us”, said Dan Șucu.

Galeria Rapidului welcomes the management's position

According to, Alexandru Albu is one of the gallery's favorites for the devotion he has shown over time, but also for the anti-FCSB attitude he does not hesitate to display.

The two footballers were caught in a video from the club

The two footballers were caught in a video from the club PHOTO capture orange sport

However, Liviu “Bocciu” Ungurean, the leader of the Giulești gallery, welcomes the club's attitude towards the two.

We, the gallery and the supporters, those who love Rapidul, will continue to stay with the team and it is not our job to get involved in such things“, is the position of “Bocciu”.

But we welcome and stand in solidarity with the management's position in this case. At Rapid it is not possible to have such gross slips, especially after a defeat that hurt us all so much“.

Mr. Șucu was right, only we know how we got home from Iasi. And to hear that two players went to have fun in the club?! It means that they didn't hurt, that they didn't care, that they don't feel like us. I mean, it's clear that we're not on the same wavelengthă”, said Liviu “Bocciu” Ungurean.

Galeria Rapidului was also present in the away game from Iași and encouraged the team until the end.