Unknown dream places, close to the Bucharest-Sinaia road. Pietroșita or Vulcana are proud of VIDEO

The road between Bucharest and Sinaia can represent a journey full of surprises and natural beauties. In addition to the famous tourist destinations, there are also lesser known but equally spectacular places.

Plum Village, Pietrosita. PHOTO satulprunilor.ro

Well-known destinations are, most of the time, full of tourists, and going out to such places can prove tiring, especially during the holidays. There are, however, several areas where it is worth spending a few hours or – why not? – a weekend, especially since we will connect with nature and escape the urban bustle.

Plum Village – Pietroșita (Dâmbovița County)

Satul Prunilor is a complex that brings together eight villas, a glamping site, a restaurant and an Adventure Park. The complex is located on a 6-hectare property at the edge of the forest, in Pietroșita commune in Dâmbovița county.

It is the ideal place for workshops and team building, just as it is the perfect place for any holiday and for private events – birthdays, weddings and parties, product launches.

The village of Prunilor is located on the southern slope of the Subcarpathians, which gives it a lot of sun and a milder climate, with an impressive panoramic view towards three mountain massifs: Leaota, Bucegi and Baiului.

The Dâmbovița commune Pietroșita is a place where traditions are still preserved, and folk craftsmen are busy with ancient customs. Among them, we mention the traditional peasant costume, mountain dances and games.

Prince Carol's visit to Pietroșita.  PHOTO renastearea.wixsite.com

Prince Carol's visit to Pietroșita. PHOTO renastearea.wixsite.com

Bai volcano – a small resort, full of thermal springs

Like Pucioasa, Vulcana Bai commune is full of a natural treasure that springs from the depths. In the yard of a local, every month, springs full of iodized water and shale gas come to the surface with mud. The eruption is several meters high and often produces a very small earthquake, which is felt in a radius of several tens of square meters.

Sulphurous water tank.  PHOTO Vulcana Bai Town Hall

Sulphurous water tank. PHOTO Vulcana Bai Town Hall

At Vulcana Bai, the boyars used to come to be treated for rheumatism before the Second World War, and now, the place has now reached a ruin. Beneficial springs are not exploited by anyone. At Vulcana Băi there are pools of iodized water that were used between 1911 and 1940. Furthermore, 12 wells can be seen there, which bear historical names: King Carol, Queen Mary, Saint Elijah and others.

Interreligious complex.  PHOTO Vulcana Bai Town Hall

Interreligious complex. PHOTO Vulcana Bai Town Hall

The Interreligious Complex at Vulcana-Băi makes this small town in Romania unique in Europe, hosting, in an area of ​​several tens of hectares, three places of prayer under the same sky.

A Christian, two Jews and the family of a Muslim were present at their construction and foundation. Located 20 kilometers from the municipality of Târgoviște, the interreligious settlement of Vulcana-Băi is a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, but also a tourist attraction for foreigners.