VIDEO The most spectacular accommodation in Romania, above a cliff, is free. “Woe is me, I’m shivering”

Two well-known vloggers who travel the whole world made a discovery right in Romania. On You Tube, the two present the most spectacular accommodation in Romania, which is also free.

This is what the refuge visited by the two vloggers looks like. PHOTO: Video capture

Tourists who love the mountains can stay in the panoramic mountain refuges located in the Cheile Bicazului-Hăşmaş National Park, near the Red Lake. Perched on cliffs above precipices at high altitude, they reveal fairy-tale vistas that can otherwise only be seen in drone footage.

Located on a huge rock known as Piatra Ghilcoș, below Vârful Ucigașul, the mini cabins reveal a very special panorama. In an extremely popular clip, Andreea and Ionuț, two vloggers who have almost 400,000 followers on You Tube, present the place.

“Oh my God! Is this how we’re going to sleep? You get a little chills An accommodation with such a view And what’s more, it’s free!”, says Andreea, in the beginning of the clip posted the other day on You Tube.

“Speaking of Ion, you say that we are leaving for a month. I left the car here, in the parking lot of a boarding house. The gentlemen were very nice and allowed us to leave it here, even though we are not staying“, Andreea says at one point.

As they approach the place, the young people feel the emotions, mesmerized by the sight. “We’re coming to this point, we’re heading And you’ll see, it’s going to be something Epic, amazing Just like the title of the vlog says. There is an accommodation, not just one, there are several. It’s free here in Romania. And we will test it tonight. Let’s hit the road“, say the young people.

The two vloggers initially drove from Bucharest and arrived at Red Lake, where they admired the panorama. Somewhere in the distance, the gigantic silhouette of the Ceahlău peak towers, and on the way they crossed a meadow that drew admiring glances from them. Once they reached their destination, they were deeply impressed by the panorama.

“What a picture, it’s incredible”

“The storm may come upon us, the strong winds, we do not care. The trailhead cabin can be seen ahead When I said it was a panoramic cabin, it really is Prepare to be impressed“, said the two.

“Woe to me. That’s how we’re going to sleep! What a view here Look a little, you should see the Red Lake. It’s getting pretty windy, you can really see it here on the right. What a picture, incredible!”

Andreea and Ionuț explained that it is more about a refuge than a cabin, but which is at the discretion of tourists for free, only with a reservation.

“It’s not a private lodge. It looks very good! I think it’s one of the few modern mountain refuges in Romania, beautifully decorated and with taste. It really looks much better than I expected. I was very excited“, they add.

Later, the young people come up with a new finding.

This refuge, which is actually not a refuge, is a combination of observatory and refuge. It’s located right in front of a precipice and if you’re sick of heights, no, I don’t know if it’s necessarily a good idea, but I think I’ve cured my fear, that I no longer have any fear, any fears. I was just looking down and it was very beautiful“, was their conclusion.

The two also explained that this cabin is part of a project carried out by the “Gyilkosto Adventure” Association, from Gheorgheni, in collaboration with the Salvamont Salvaspeo Service of the Harghita County Council and in partnership with the Cheile Bicazului-Hăşmaş National Park.

I didn’t tell you how we booked this panoramic cabin. Not on Booking, not on Airbnb, but there is an application, I think it is specially created here in Harghita, in Covasna. It’s called InTime“, said the two.

Fascinated by the images

Their followers on You Tube said they were impressed by what they saw. In less than two days, the clip has gathered around 130,000 views and over 8,000 likes, as well as hundreds of comments.

I haven’t taken vacations in my life, and now my age doesn’t allow me much travel, but watching you, I feel like I’ve seen the whole world! Thank you!”, wrote a lady.

“How pretty! I was in Cheile Bicazului in the 60s, it was a narrow but wild road with stone, sand and dust. I enjoyed walking it up to the lake, it was epic. For the rest of my life, I cannot forget that wild beauty that I still see preserved in the movies with Mărgelatu! Dreams, dreams, dreams, you can’t even imagine what the Red Lake was like, wonderful! However, it remained a beautiful, nostalgic place! Good roads and health children!,” someone else wrote.

“How wonderful this accommodation is… even though it looks like God’s cottage, it’s so high up, it’s perfect for you who have tried so many new things in terms of accommodation, food, roads, mountain trails and so on . We love you”, was another message.

Romania is the richest in beauty, for me it is on the 1st place in the world. Thank you for allowing us to bathe our eyes in such beauty. Be blessed”someone else said.

How many beauties Romania has waiting to be discovered and rediscovered”someone else wrote.