Viitor Plus Association launched the largest collection of educational materials for Green Week, intended for teachers

The guide made by Viitor Plus educational experts is a detailed agenda for 5 days of 6 hours a day, with activities and lessons for environmental education.

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The guide was launched in a webinar broadcast live on Facebook and Zoom, an event viewed by approximately 9,000 people.

Teachers find theoretical lessons for the transmission of knowledge, but also practical and reflective activities for developing skills and learning sustainable behavior. These are complemented by debriefing sessions for emotional and cognitive processing of the lessons and initial, mid-term and final assessment activities to be able to observe the evolution of learning.

PHOTO Future Plus

PHOTO Future Plus

The “turnkey” agenda for Green Week is intended for grades 5 – 8 and is intended to be a support for teachers, who either did not have support, or did not know how or did not have time to plan complex activities.

“We want to shift the focus of the teaching staff from creating bureaucratic documents and planning to understanding the emotions and desires of the students. In the end, the student is at the center of the educational act”, explains Tiberiu Andrei, Viitor Plus Educational Coordinator.

Green Week can start with activities to explore the environment and identify problems and their causes. Next come topics such as climate change, the circular economy and the importance of forests.

And on the last day, students can find together with the teachers possible solutions starting from the global context to changes they can make in their community.

“Long-term environmental education implemented transdisciplinary is part of the educational ABC necessary for the next generations, together with others such as financial education, for health or things anchored in reality, with the help of which children can be active and productive citizens of societyTiberiu Andrei, Viitor Plus Educational Coordinator, pointed out.

According to the Impact Report for the Green Week carried out by Viitor Plus, 70% of the teachers considered the educational materials made by the association's experts to be constructive. 80% of the teachers noticed an increased interest of the students in the environmental assignments and 65% of the teachers appreciated the outdoor and practical activities.

All educational materials prepared by Viitor Plus for grades 0-12 are available for download on the website: