Viral images of a Romanian caught in Hungary when he was transporting a car in the trailer of a vehicle on a platform

A Romanian man received a hefty fine in Hungary after he was caught while transporting a car mounted on the trailer of a van, which in turn was being transported on a road platform. Images of the dangerous road combination have gone viral on social media.

The Hungarian inspectors were stunned at the sight of the road assembly PHOTO video capture

A Romanian man and the owner of the car he was driving were fined 4,000 euros in Hungary after customs inspectors from the neighboring country caught him doing “a dangerous transport”.

The vehicle he was driving, registered in Romania, was pulling a trailer with a van on it, and a car had been loaded into the car's trailer.

The customs inspectors were carrying out checks on the public roads in Bács-Kiskun when they identified the road assembly registered in Romania. The minibus was towing a road platform on which there was a van, and a car was being transported in its trailer.

After checks, it was determined that the vehicle was traveling with an overload of more than two tons and, in addition, it was not equipped with a tachograph, as required by legal regulations in the neighboring country.

From September 1, 2023, the Hungarian authorities can impose fines of more than 1.5 million forints (about 3,900 euros) for vehicles that are overloaded or exceed the gauge.

“These vehicles they can have unpredictable behavior
at the time of a sudden change of direction, endangering not only the driver, but also other road users”
stated the Hungarian inspectors.

The driver of the road vehicle registered in Romania will now have to pay a fine of 650,000 forints (about 1,600 euros) for overloading, while the owner of the vehicle will be fined 1,040,000 forints (about 2,600 euros) for not having a tachograph.