Barem simulation National evaluation 2024. How students are scored DOCUMENT

The scale for the Romanian Language and Literature test from the simulation of the National Assessment, which took place today, has been published.

Barem simulation National Assessment 2024

The 8th grade students received two texts, namely a fragment from the novel “In her shadow”, by Simona Antonescu, and one from the article by professor Liviu Papadima entitled “My cat in the lecture hall”, published in Dilema veche in 2017 .

In the first subject, the students had to answer several questions and solve several requirements, and in the second they had to write a composition, of at least 150 words, in which to present the summary of the first text.


On Tuesday, February 6, the written exam in Mathematics takes place. The National Assessment simulation ends on Wednesday, February 7, with the written test in Mother Language and Literature.

2024 National Assessment Simulation Calendar

  • February 5, 2024 – Romanian language and literature, written test
  • February 6, 2024 – mathematics, written test
  • February 7, 2024 – Mother tongue and literature, written test
  • February 23, 2024, communication of results

In Dolj county, following the completion of the test, the percentage of attendance at the simulation of the written test in Romanian language and literature is 87.45%. 4,292 students were present and 616 were absent. According to ISJ Dolj, no students were removed from the exam and there were no attempts at fraud.

What we need to know about digitized assessment

What happens after the papers are handed in? Because only from now on, practically, the novelty of these exams begins. Teachers scan them in the presence of students using special scanners, connected to a laptop or computer on which the digitized assessment application is installed. “Students' works are booklet-type, stapled, and you can't feed them into regular scanners, so special ones were needed. The operation is very simple, the scanner has a physical and a virtual button. The scanning is done without the secrecy of the first page, with names and everything (…) After it has been scanned, the physical work is placed in an envelope, sealed, kept sealed, we do not go to it”, explained the Secretary of State Sorin Ion.

Once entered into the application, the papers are randomly distributed to two evaluator teachers who also correct them digitally. The final mark is the arithmetic mean to two decimal places, without rounding of the marks awarded and calculated by the IT application on the platform. If the difference between the two grades is greater than one point, the paper is automatically and randomly sent to two other assessors. Then, the final average is calculated again taking into account only the evaluation of the last two teachers.