What Alexia Eram invests the most money in. “It's important to feel good, to have style”

Alexia Eram, the daughter of the well-known presenter Andreea Esca, has been financially independent for some time, more precisely since her second year of college. Passionate about fashion, Alexia Eram confessed in an interview that it is important “how do you match your clothes, if you have a style”.

Alexia Eram bought a BMW M240i in 2023. Photo: Instagram (Archive)

As she is passionate about bags and shoes, Alexia Eram revealed that she spends the most money on these items that complete her outfits.

I think I spend more money on shoes or bags, otherwise I don't really have clothes. I don't really have such expensive clothes, I think bags and shoes, because I care about their quality“, she said in an interview for Star Matinal, according to Spynews.ro.

Although she likes to have clothing items from well-known brands in her wardrobe, Andrea Esca's daughter believes that it is important to feel good in the clothes you wear.

“It matters how you match your clothes, if you have a style. Karl Lagerfeld said that until the age of 50 it only matters how you combine the clothes (…) It matters to feel good, to have a style, it doesn't matter how much money you spend on clothes. It doesn't even matter what the most expensive item in my wardrobe is, what matters is that there are pieces that you like and feel good in“, Alexia Eram also said.

We remind you that in August 2023, she managed to buy herself a car that she had been dreaming of for a long time. The young woman made public on social networks images of the car she bought. It is about a BMW M240i.

In the same post, Andrea Esca's daughter wanted to specify the fact that she has been financially independent since her second year of college.

Because, despite what some might think, I haven't been taking money from my parents since my 2nd year of college“, the relevant post states.