Craiova University, draw with Rapid (1-1) in the Super League

Craiova University drew with Rapid Bucharest, 1-1 (1-0), at home, in a match of the 29th stage of the football Superleague, the penultimate of the regular season, writes Agerpres.

University of Craiova – Rapid PHOTO: Facebook/UCVOficial

Craiova University opened the scoring through Alexandru Mitriţă (30), from Nicuşor Bancu's cross.

Rapid managed to score the goal that equalized the score in the second half, through Slovakian Jakub Hromada (49), who sanctioned a lack of synchronization in the center of the Craiova defense, when Ermal Krasniqi crossed.

Rapid had two important opportunities to score in the first half, through Florent Hasani (14), blocked in extremis by the goalkeeper Laurentiu Popescu, and by Krasniqi (20), dispossessed by Vladimir Screciu.

In the second half, the hosts had a major opportunity through Denil Maldonado (53), but goalkeeper Marian Aioani managed to defend.

Jayson Papeau created an important opportunity at Popescu's goal (64), but he failed to send it into its space.

The Craiova players had another good opportunity, but Răzvan Oaidă blocked Bancu's shot at the sacrifice (76).

The kick-off was given by Nicolae Ghiţă, former striker of the University (1987-1989) and of the Electroputere Craiova team.

Rapid recorded only one victory in the last three stages, a draw and a failure.

Craiova University reached six consecutive stages without defeat, three wins and three draws. The team from Banie has conceded a goal in each of the last 11 stages.

In the round, Rapid won with a score of 2-0.

University of Craiova – FC Rapid Bucharest 1-1 (1-0), “Ion Oblemenco” Stadium – Craiova

They scored: Alexandru Mitriţă (30), respectively Jakub Hromada (49).

Referee: Marian Barbu (Făgăraş);

assistant referees: Stelian Slabu (Braşov), Marius Badea (Râmnicu Vâlcea);

fourth official: Andrei Antonie (Bucharest)

Video Referee: Iulian Călin (Ştefăneşti/Argeş);

video assistant referee: Horia Gabriel Mladinovici (Bucharest)

Observers: Irina Mîrţ (Bucharest) – CCA, Mircea Călin (Bucharest) – LPF