What Drula says about the internal competition of the United Right Alliance for the nomination of the presidential candidate

USR President, Cătălin Drula, confirmed that he will enter the internal competition within the United Right Alliance to determine the presidential candidate.

The USR leader rules out a collaboration with AUR or SOS FOTO Archive

“I want to have a candidate of the United Right and this is our objective. It would be incorrect at this moment to announce him (…). I believe that we will have a common solution that we will find within the United Right Alliance”said Cătălin Drula, according to Agerpres.

About the fact that he will compete against the former head of PNNL, Ludovic Orban, Cătălin Drula claimed that he does not think it is “it's about a competition”.

According to the head of USR, Romanians want “a right-wing president, (…) integrity and brave”.

“I don't think that people see a solution to lead Romania further from a Ciucă, a Ciolacu, a Simion, and I think they want a right-wing president, a president who is honest and courageous. Or these people do not respond to any of these attributes”added Drula.

The head of the USR refused to give details about the political partners that the alliance could have following the parliamentary elections for the formation of a majority in the Parliament. “Speculating now, in one way, what happens after the elections is counterproductive. We want to convince Romanians – and we know that there is a pool of up to 40% of people who want a right-wing solution in true Romania – to vote for us. Then, that we will be able to do with UDMR, that we will be able to do with who it will be then, these are things that we discuss after“, Drula also said, excluding, however, a collaboration with AUR or the SOS county party, led by Diana Șoșoacă.