What Gina Pistol looks like after a radical change of look. “For how much money I gave, I had to cry with happiness” PHOTO

Gina Pistol surprised her followers on social networks with a radical change of look. The former presenter decided to give up her long hair and get a short haircut, but the result does not seem to be to her liking.

Gina Pistol, with Smiley PHOTO Archive

A few days ago, Gina Pistol made it public that she wanted a makeover while in America. Although she wasn't sure exactly which change to go for, the star finally decided to cut her hair short.

She went to a top 10 stylist in Los Angeles

The photos posted on social networks captured the attention of fans, but Gina Pistol did not seem too pleasantly surprised by her new look.

Gina Pistol mentioned that she went to a top 10 hairstylist in Los Angeles, further expressing her disappointment with the end result. The star was candid and stated that given the costs involved, she expected more.

“To be honest, it doesn't backfire on me. Maybe it's the color I don't like at the moment. I'm waiting to get home to paint. Not bad, but not great either. How much money I gave, I had to cry with happiness. The guy who cut my hair isn't the hottest guy in Los Angeles, because I'm not that rich. But it is, I think, in the top 10”she said, on Instagram.

The presenter, also unpleasantly surprised by the food prices

In addition to the makeover, Gina Pistol also made some revelations about the prices in Los Angeles. Together with Smiley and their daughter, Josephine, the star has experienced the shock of high prices, especially when it comes to healthy eating.

Gina shared on Instagram that she was surprised by the exorbitant costs, including for a breakfast, and highlighted the difficulty of finding affordable options in this regard.

“Before I came here, I was very stressed because I didn't know what to give Josephine to eat. At home I know exactly what to buy, where to buy it, I also receive a chicken from the country, but what am I doing here? I found, there are options, but if you want to eat healthy, at least in LA, it's very, very expensive, outrageously expensive. So a breakfast costs you about what it costs you at the airport, it's very expensive”said Gina Pistol, on Instagram.