What is the best time to take a child on a plane. Tips from parents for a peaceful journey

Parents who fly a lot have shared their thoughts on the ideal time to bring a baby on board. They offer tips to have a peaceful trip.

Monet Hambrick, who also posts on Instagram about her adventures with her two children, ages 8 and 10, says the best time to fly with a baby is “before it starts crawling.”

“They’re so light, they’re so quiet. Don’t try to fidge and crawl around the plane”says Monet Hambrick

Hambrick’s older daughter flew at just six weeks and her younger daughter at just 11 days. She describes both flights as “easy”. “Honestly, at this age, I sleep so much, so it was pretty uneventful.”Hambrick told HuffPost.

In addition to frequent sleep and limited mobility, there are other advantages to traveling with a younger child. Having a less mobile child is easier not only on the plane, but also during the arduous journey through the airport.

It’s much easier to pick up and go. You can put the kids in a pram or stroller and be on your way. Once they’re running around and have more autonomy, fighting them in the airport can be more difficult.” said a parent.

You may also decide to travel by air with a small child, as it is easier than traveling the same route by car. That’s the calculation the Hambricks made when they moved from New York to Florida when their daughter was just 11 days old.

You can also breastfeed as much as you want on the plane without having to ask the pilot to make an unplanned landing.

You can also use a baby carrier, as a stroller or car seat can be bulky and difficult to maneuver.