Why Pink cut short her Sydney gig: 'It's emotional!' | VIDEO

Pink's concert in Sydney, Australia, had a surprise as unlikely as it was beautiful, when a fan went into labor during the show, reports NBCNews.

Video footage posted to social media captured the moment the singer paused her Friday night show at Allianz Stadium in Moore Park after fans alerted her that a woman up front needed medical attention , because she went into labor.

“It's emotional,” Pink said in the video. “I really don't know what to say. … Good luck. It's going to be great!”.

“I helped deliver a baby, found a new favorite chocolate bar – Jamo made its debut, and I outlived my entire family. He also had flashbacks with the crowd on the way back to the fitting room. By mistake. I think by mistake. I'm so happy to be here!!!!!!” – the star wrote on his Instagram page.

This is the second time a female concertgoer has gone into labor during Pink's “Summer Carnival” stadium tour. In July, Angela Mercer, a fan of the singer, went into labor at a show in Boston and went to the hospital to give birth, media reported.