Rafila wants to run for the European Parliament elections. Who else is on the short list?

The Minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, said on Sunday that he wants to run for this year's European Parliament elections, on the PSD lists, with the support of the organization from Sector 2

Rafila wants to run for the European Parliament PHOTO Mediafax

I submitted my option for candidacy to the PSD Sector 2 organization for the European Parliament elections. My colleagues unanimously approved this candidacy and I am glad, I thank them. Of course, it is a first step, the PSD Bucharest organization and the party leadership must finalize a list“, said Alexandru Rafila at Digi 24.

Rafila claimed that he has enough experience to be elected a member of the European legislature.

I have enough experience and a bit of international interrelationship because I had the opportunity to work in various areas to be able to help Romania from the European Parliament“, said the minister.

The Minister of Health said that as far as the current position is concerned, it will be filled by someone else after anyway, since an electoral cycle is coming to an end anyway.

I have been the Minister of Health for more than two years and it is always good to be able to hand over the baton to people coming from behind“, said Alexandru Rafila, according to News.ro.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said on Friday that the social democrats' proposals for the European Parliament elections will be announced in the next period.

The first elections we have are the European Parliament elections. I didn't manage with the head of the campaign, with Mr. Tudose, I'm trying during this trip to try to announce the candidates for the European Parliament in the next period”Ciolacu said.

Those supported by the regions

Several proposals have already come to the center from the PSD regions. The Northeast has Dragoș Benea as its favorite, the Southeast Dan Nica, the Southwest Claudiu Manda, the center region is Victor Negrescu, while Vasile Dîncu enjoys support from organizations from two regions. Also, Mihai Tudose is on the list, being the campaign coordinator.