Young people who negotiated higher salaries with the help of ChatGPT: “I'm impressed”

Generation Z youths have no problem managing their workplace problems with the help of AI-based software.

Young people use ChatGPT when they need job advice PHOTO Shutterstock

Whether it's confronting an older colleague or asking a parent to accompany them to job interviews, twenty-somethings do everything they can to get help at work, including turning to AI to get a raise, writes The New York Post.

I used ChatGPT to help me make my resume, cover letter,” says a content creator known as @SonrisaScents in a TikTok post about her experience.

I now work from home, received a great pay raise, flexible schedule, and incredible benefits“, she continued.

Another Gen Z shared a post detailing how he used the AI ​​system to get tips to get a raise of up to $60,000 a year.

I couldn't help myself, I again used the AI ​​to help me with a salary negotiation,” said the young woman. “I am impressed.”

A February 2024 report commissioned by Handshake, a job search platform for students, found that 50% of those who graduated this year plan to develop new skills in the context of the emergence of generative artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT and DALL-E .

Young employees would like to talk to their managers more often

The study also found that one-third of future graduates plan to use generative artificial intelligence. “I fear what AI can become, but if used correctly I think it can be a good thing,” said a business student who will graduate in 2024.

Gen Z also relies on artificial intelligence for career advancement advice.

47% of Gen Zers reported getting better advice for moving up the corporate ladder through ChatGPT than from their superiors, according to a December 2023 survey of 800 US employees commissioned by INTOO. a career development platform. The findings indicated that 62% of younger employees would like to talk to their managers more often about their careers, but feel that bosses are busy with other tasks.

Gen Z's reliance on digital platforms for career advice, including innovative tools like ChatGPT, points to a bigger problem — a desire for guidance they can't find in their traditional workplace structures,” INTOO's Mira Greenland told FOX Business.

They want their career discussions to be as dynamic as the technology they grew up with.”

And while some recruiting experts have shied away from hiring millennials, hoping to avoid confronting their needs and demands in the workplace, Greenland says businesses would be wise to simply comply.

Companies must adapt to attract and retain this new wave of talent,” she suggested.That means not only providing more frequent and meaningful career development discussions, but also reevaluating their approach to mentoring and support.”