A Canadian's fascination for Romania: “Mămăliga is made by the gods! People are the friendliest in the world”

A Canadian who came to visit our country declared himself impressed by Romania, and the mast and the palinca were real revelations for him. The tourist is already thinking of returning to our country with his wife to spend more time here.

The Canadian declared himself impressed by the taste of the polenta PHOTO archive Adevărul

In a post on Reddit, a Canadian declared himself fascinated by Romania, and several foreigners shared his opinion about our country after visiting it.

I had the opportunity to come and stay in Bucharest for a week through my workplace. I noticed some things I didn't know about Romania.

– People are the friendliest in the world. Very respectful and diplomatic;

– Most speak English well;

– Taxis and Uber are so cheap, why is public transport still used?

– I can swear that half of Bucharest drives a Mercedes;

– I drank the strongest alcohol of my life. My stomach almost burned palinka;

The pole is made by the gods. I will introduce her to my whole family.

– Your history is very interesting.

Thank you for welcoming me, I can't wait to come back to your beautiful country!”, wrote the Canadian on the social network.

“I liked it so much in Romania that I married a Romanian”

The comments were not slow to appear. Several foreigners wanted to share their experience in our country.

“I arrived in Romania for the first time for work reasons, just like you. I'm from Brazil, so even though I'm used to friendly people, I really liked how kind people are here, even if I'd say they're more honest, but still polite. Anyway, I liked Romanians so much that I married one. Now that I live here, I can also see grumpier people, especially among the middle-aged and elderly, but it's just one interaction among dozens of beautiful ones.” wrote a Brazilian.

“Yes, I was also impressed by the knowledge of English, most of them did not have classes, they learned to speak from series, games, music”,
someone else commented.

“Public transport is much, much cheaper and, as others have said, the traffic is sometimes chaotic. For example, with Uber I arrived at a certain place in an hour and paid 45 lei, with the metro I arrived in 20 minutes and paid 3 lei. Metros are clean and safe here,” says another stranger.

“I hope you had a chance to enjoy some sarmals and papanasi too. The food is really good here, but I have to be careful, especially with the meat, I had a lot of heartburn at first.” another tourist describes his experience.

“They're coming to visit us in California and they're bringing brandy”

The stories continued on the Canadian's post, one funnier and more admiring than the other about Romania's food, traditions and fairy-tale places.

“I also like the history here, I really liked Peleș and Cantacuzino castles. It's interesting how they made me more interested in their history than in the history of my country.” someone else confesses.

“As an immigrant in Romania, your comment about the price of taxis and Uber is relative and the income you have matters a lot. It is definitely worth renting a car and traveling around to see the rest of the country. Romania is incredibly beautiful”, another stranger thinks.

“My sister married a Romanian and now lives in Cluj. My wife and I visited (from California) a few years ago and had the opportunity to go to the Untold festival, which was crazy. I love when they come to visit us in California and they bring brandy with them!”, says an American humorously.

“A really beautiful country. My husband, daughters and I took a road trip through Romania in 2019 to see the castles. It was the best decision I made and the most beautiful trip. The people are very polite, friendly and nice. The nature is incredible and amazing when you drive through the mountains. As for the food, everything is so tasty. And the real history, not the one made up by the movies, is so interesting and tragic. We will be back 100%”, is the conclusion of another tourist.