Romantic holidays. Which tourist destinations do Romanians prefer on special days in February and March

February 14 (Valentine's Day), February 24 (Dragobete), March 1 (Mărțișor) or March 8 (Women's Day) have become an additional opportunity for mini-vacations, especially for active couples.

Iași is one of the most romantic destinations in Romania PHOTO Turism Iași

If February 14, 2024 fell on a Wednesday, on Dragobete (February 24) but also on March 1 and 8, those who want to enjoy a mini-vacation have the advantage that these days fall at the end of the week.

Iași is in the top of the romantic destinations in Romania

During this time, many couples choose to spend quality time together in romantic places such as mountain resorts, coastal areas or romantic cities. And this time the famous resorts in Romania are chosen, such as Sinaia, Predeal, Poiana Brașov, and externally, Santorini or Dubai.

“There are many other classic or even more unique destinations that are worth promoting and that have started to be sought after by tourists.

In Romania, a city increasingly sought after by those who want romantic moments, regardless of age, is Iași – which is catching up with other more established tourist cities from this point of view, such as Brașov, Sighișoara, Sibiu or Cluj.

I can define the old fair of Ieși as a bohemian city, where you feel in love even if you are not”says Traian Bădulescu, tourism consultant and spokesperson of the National Association of Travel Agencies.

Most hotels have special offers for Valentine's Day, Dragobete or March 1 and 8, between 400 and 700 lei for one night's accommodation, at 4 and 5 star hotels, but also with romantic dinner included, along with discounts of 20-30% at certain jewelery and souvenir shops with which they are partners.

At 5 stars, couples are provided with luxury cars for the transfer to and from the hotel, if necessary, as part of the accommodation rate.

A city break in Iași – the city of seven hills – will include, during this period, the places that Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle passed through, walks through the romantic Copou park or the museums of Iași.

Another sought-after destination during this period is the Bran-Moieciu area and the municipality of Brașov. Many couples choose to visit Bran Castle, which is linked to the legend of the romantic vampire Dracula and where an entrance ticket is 70 lei for adults, much cheaper than in other places in Europe.

“In the Bran Moieciu area, a couple can pay 200 lei for a room and 200 lei, at a guesthouse or villa, accommodation only, or from 400 lei with breakfast and a romantic (and at the same time traditional) dinner included. There are many markets in the area, but I recommend couples to try a dinner with traditional products.

There are couples who choose the guest houses of His Majesty King Charles III, in Viscri (Brașov) and Zălan (Covasna), which are open to tourists, outside of the periods when the monarch chooses our country.

But be careful, reservations must be made in advance, there is quite a high demand, and only from Romania. Here, rates start from 800 lei per room per night, with half board. But it is an experience to sleep in the house of a British monarch”, Traian Bădulescu also specified.

There are many top guesthouses and tourist complexes, 4 and 5 stars, in Mărginimea Sibiului, in the Brașov area, in Argeș, Prahova, Buzău or in Dâmbovița, which offer festive dinners, bonfires, horseback riding, pottery workshops with gifts, a gift of champagne for each couple, meditation sessions and more.

A couple will pay between 2,500 and 4,000 lei for two or three nights of accommodation, on the occasion of romantic days.

Favorite destinations in warm and exotic areas

Apart from a segment of tourists interested in culture and romantic places in Europe (Italy-Rome, Venice, France-Paris, Spain-Barcelona, ​​Austria-Venice), many Romanians take their holidays in the Maldives, Thailand, the Dominican Republic during this period or Zanzibar. In the Aegean or the Mediterranean, temperatures are still low.

“For example, in Zanzibar, the native island of Freddie Mercury, a yacht with 3-4 cabins can be rented for 1,800-2,500 euros per day (of course, in total), and with a catamaran, even for 600 euros per day day.

Few people know that here, over 20 Romanians have invested in hotels in the last 4-5 years. I have noticed that more and more couples who are married or celebrating their relationship anniversary are traveling during the romantic month.

They opt for more exotic destinations or romantic cruises and often look for unique experiences that will give them unforgettable memories. Here, we are talking about rates starting from 1500-2000 euros per person, but also about stays of at least 7-8 nights”said Traian Bădulescu, ANAT spokesman.

The average Valentine's Day or Dragobete mini-stay in Romania or in a European city is two to three nights, but there are couples who opt for warm or exotic destinations, opting for stays of 5-9 nights or more.

Among the favorite destinations are, depending on the budget, Dubai, Egypt, Madeira, Tenerife, Maldives, Zanzibar, Thailand or the Dominican Republic.

In a mountain resort or a rural guesthouse, a couple can pay per room from 250-300 lei per night and upwards, and for a city break in a European city, from 150-200 euros per person in up, including air transport.

Naturally, for closer warm destinations (such as Egypt or Dubai), the cost of a tourist package will cost from 500-600 euros per person, and for exotic destinations, from 1300 euros per person, in both cases the flight is included .

Bookings started at the end of the year and are currently continuing, with agencies currently seeing a slight increase of 10-15% compared to the previous year.

Romanians bought 30% more tourist packages at online tourism fairs

Even if some Romanians choose not to spend mini-vacations on the occasion of the special days in February and March, the period is a good one for purchasing advantageous tourist packages, for Easter or the summer period.

Data from tourism operators is optimistic this year, when the number of packages purchased both domestically and to foreign destinations increased by almost a third in January 2024 compared to the same month last year.