A PSD deputy mocks the presence of Nicolae Ciucă at the NATO Summit

The PSD deputy from Giurgiu, Marian Mina, mocked, on Tuesday, the presence of the leader of the liberals, Nicolae Ciucă, at ​​the NATO summit.

Nicolae Ciucă and Lucian Bode, mocked about the accusations of plagiarism PHOTO: Mediafax

The proven plagiarist Nicolae Ciucă, this Moş Teacă of the PNL, went to the United States of America absolutely for nothing. Just an extra expense for the Romanian state. The only thing he can come out of there with is some I love America cap. That’s it,” supports the PSD deputy from Giurgiu, Marian Mina, in a post on his Facebook page, an irony that also reminds of the cap received by President Klaus Iohannis, from the former US President, Donald Trump.

The social-democratic deputy criticizes and ridicules the presence of the leader of the liberals, Nicolae Ciucă, at ​​the NATO summit, recalling the accusations of plagiarism against him, as well as against the general secretary of the PNL, Lucian Bode, and the deputy general secretary of NATO, Mircea Geoană.

What will Ciucă show at the NATO Summit in Washington, that together with Bode and Geoana they copied more than all those who gave the Baccalaureate this year? We hope that he does not speak there only in quotes of others that he obviously assumes. Of course, but it became clear that Ciucă, a man without honor and without a word, he is the soldier without a gun, whom his own party wants to throw out”, SAYS Marian Mina, among other things, continuing the social-democrats’ attack on the liberal leader regarding the book he was about to release, entitled “A soldier in the service of the country”.

The President of the Romanian Senate, Nicolae Ciucă, is this week in the United States of America, in Washington DC, to participate in the work of the NATO Parliamentary Summit, between July 7-9, and the NATO Summit, on the 10 and July 11, according to a Senate release.