A well-known vlogger found out what Russians really think about Romanians. “Shocked by some reactions”

The well-known Romanian vlogger Cosmin Avram visited Ukraine and Russia, the two countries at war for two years. In Russia, he wanted to see how ordinary citizens look at Romania and the USA and what they think about us and about the countries that choose the European Union.

Russians are generally reserved when asked about Romanians. PHOTO Capture video

The vlogger Cosmin Avram has 185,000 subscribers on You Tube, and the clip in which he presents the views of Russians about Romanians has gathered 247,000 views in one month. “What Russians think about Romania, America and the EU – Shocked by some reactions”, was the title of the video clip. Because he does not know Russian, he called on a translator, also Romanian, who facilitated his dialogue with the people on the street.

“I think this is the last clip because we are going to leave, to leave this country. But before that I want to know the opinion of common people. I want to see what I know about Romania. If they know something about Romania, I want to ask them about America, about what life is like in Russia. So stay till the end. It's going to be very, very interesting. As you well know I don't speak Russian, so I won't be alone because it will be impossible for me to talk to people. Andrei will be next to me and will translate”said Avram, in the beginning.

The first people approached avoided talking about Romanians. They all gave the impression that they were afraid to speak, although at times they looked like they wanted to say something.

I introduced myself and told him that I want to ask you, I told him that I am staying here, that I am Romanian and I want to ask you what you know about Romania. And you saw the reaction. As I told you from home, this is the reaction. They don't want to talk. They are afraid. He said he didn't know anything.” Andrei said to Cosmin.

“You switched sides”

A little later, a man agreed to talk with them, but said he didn't know anything about Romania. Then, he remembered that Romania fought in the Second World War on the side of Germany. “About Romania? I don't know anything about Romania“, he said first, after which, when asked how life is in Ulyanovsk, he became more communicative.

It's good. The city is beautiful, the Volga is beautiful. I know, it's good for me. It's good. It's a beautiful country. And don't be upset, you were in the war on the side of the Germans and only then changed sides. You did very well,” he said. Asked about the US, he gave a different answer: “Of course I haven't been there, but, yes, it's an imperialist country that is pushing itself over other countries.” As for the sanctions given to Russia, he said he doesn't feel them.

Next were two young Russians. If the first one didn't know anything about Romania, the young woman gave an answer: “Dracula is from Romania.”

A little later, an older man, Alexander, confused Bucharest with Budapest. “I can't say anything about Romania. I was born here, I grew up here, I love everything here. I know that Romania is a country, a state, but I have never been to Romania, nor to Europe. The capital of Romania… Budapest?”, he said.

Unlike the other Russians approached, he said he feels the sanctions. And he also explained in what way. “Well, yes, they do. For example, my son is a student, he is 20 years old, and he feels when he wants to make an online payment outside of Russia, then there is a problem. Or when he wants to buy books from other countries, he can't. Obtaining and purchasing items from abroad, as well as placing orders on different sites can also create difficulties. Life in Ulyanovsk, on the other hand, is very good. This is where I was born and raised. I was in Moscow, but I didn't want to live there“, he also stated.

Like the others, he wasn't too thrilled when it came to the US. He recalled, however, that towards the end of World War II, Russia and the US were allies.

He is a huge hegemon, the world hegemon, who wants to conquer the whole world, to get in everywhere. History is one, and in a sense it is not only history, but also facts, historical facts. Not only about our country, like, for example, during the Second World War, when they, the Americans, joined as a supporting country, as our ally, but near the end of the war”he answered.

There are also balanced Russians

Cosmin said:In the Romanian press, a competition is created between Russia and America. That's how the world feels here too, does it feel the same?”, and the man answered him diplomatically and elegantly: “You know, every country, every inhabitant has its own mentality. Therefore, for some it is good in their own country, each with his own country.”

Asked by Cosmin what he thinks about the fact that more and more countries in Europe choose to join the European Union, the Russian gave an interesting answer:

“I was never against it. I supported the idea that every country has its own right of expression. I would like all countries to live in peace and harmony in a union or some other kind of understanding.”

A young woman followed who dodged: “I don't know anything, I don't have anything in my head right now, neither about Romania, nor about America.”

It was the moment when Cosmin also intervened: “As I told you at the beginning, many people are detained. For example, from my point of view, the young lady would have wanted to tell us something, but she seemed to have a reluctance”.

The next Russian was a man who also remembered that in the Second World War Romania was initially an ally of Hitler's Germany.

I don't know, I know nothing about Romania. He fought in the War for the Defense of the Fatherland against the USSR. After the breakup, Romania was with NATO, not with Russia. In Ulyansk, life is normal, quiet. I know more about America. First, information about America is much more abundant. I know the states, I know the capitals, history“, he said.

When asked about European countries choosing to join the European Union, the man replied: “Everyone has the right to choose. In Ukraine shout Ukraine is Europe! I don't really understand, the Ukrainians were with the Russians and have always been with the Russians. Everyone should have their own originality, national identity. The penalties are not felt one bit“, he added.

In Russia there is a saying: Romanian prisoners

A little further on, the vloggers stopped an elderly man wearing a reflective vest
“Romania, Transylvania and vampires. And Dracula. The capital of Romania is Bucharest. I know that Romania is next to Moldova. Those from Moldova are our brothers. Romanians and Moldovans speak the same language. In Russia there is a saying: Romanian prisoners. I was born in Bashkir“, he said.

Asked by Cosmin how the pensions are, the Russian reacted virulently to the Americans.

“No, I'm not retired. And I don't even want to know. America to me are Jews and they are our enemies. Because they are tricksters, but they don't know how to fight. In Vietnam they got it, in Korea they got it, in Afghanistan the same. He shot them in the ass and they left. They are traders”the old man also said.

When asked about the European Union, he said that he does not feel any sanctions. “They imposed sanctions, but for us it's all good, we don't feel it. Life is bad without Russians. You don't feel the sanctions, it's just that things have become more expensive, basic necessities. Salaries are normal. 20,000 rubles, 200 euros.”

Towards the end, it was the turn of a man who was fishing with a hook. “I know a little about Romania. People are like everywhere, here and there. It doesn't matter what you are, Romanian, Moldovan, American, Russian, you have to be human. In Ulyansk life is normal, nothing bothers me. Americans are shit. I felt no penalty. As I lived before, so I live now. I would like the salaries to be higher, but I still have patience”said the fisherman.

Look at censorship, it's not censorship

Asked about censorship, Andrei said at first that he did not feel anything like that.

“No, censorship is the same as everywhere. If let's say I'm a Russian citizen, I have 100,000 subscribers and I say something about Putin and that video gets over a million views, then yes, there's a problem because I'm hitting someone I shouldn't. When you talk on the street about Putin or about, I don't know, the country, something bad, there is no problem with anyone, even if the police pass by you. That's the difference. Now I don't know, I, in my opinion, don't think it's censorship”he parried.

However, Cosmin insisted: “But related to the Internet, because many use the VPN to access media outside of Russia, let's call it that. How do you see this thing? Don't you see it as a kind of censorship?”

Faced with this argument, Andrei admitted that there is an impediment: “Well, that's me, you know I didn't think about it, although for me it's an impediment. The thing that annoys me is that I have to use the VPN and go on Instagram and all that. Censorship… Yes, I see it as censorship. It kind of is.”

And he also added: “Basically, people, you know, understood that the truth is somewhere in the middle. I mean, it's already been a long time and everyone realized it”he also said.

“Yes, but I don't mean truth, untruth. Simply to the fact that you don't have access to see another part of the world”, a insisted Cosmin.

“Oh, no. But you have access. Most already in Europe use Telegram. Russians are watching Telegram. Those who are, for example, in Europe, I saw foreigners, use Telegram and all kinds of news are displayed there”, Andrei said, but Cosmin insisted again. “Yes, yes, I am not referring to those in Europe. I mean strictly the people here, the lower class. Because even here, people who have an income above the average have access and know absolutely everything that happens.”

Andrei testified that the war in Ukraine is not as advertised on Russian television as the war in Israel. Not by chance, probably.

“Those people don't have access to… unless they search. But basically they don't. For example, in Russia, what is shown on TV? You will never see, although the peak is, even my father-in-law said, even I saw, since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, I have never seen anything bad from Ukrainians. Or to say something bad or insults, I don't know, something… Especially this conflict is not broadcast as much as it is broadcast in our country. In our country, on any post you give, it is about that conflict or the conflict in Israel. But, for example, here in the country, he sometimes gives the news about what is happening, what the Russians are doing there, what they are conquering, what else has happened and all that. But the people here have no information. What happens on the other side, in Europe, in America, is also broadcast in Russia. It is broadcast, but very little.”

In the end, he concluded: “For example, television does not push conflicts as much as in our country. But those who really want to search, find it easily on Google, on YouTube. You don't need to put your VPN on YouTube. And basically Russians use YouTube. If they want to forget about Instagram, put in the VPN”.