About roots and connection with nature in performative research ROOTS – workshops, conferences and Open Studio

Starting in March, a heterogeneous group consisting of choreographers, visual artists, philosophers, psychotherapists and neuroscience experts explores the theme of roots and the connection between microcosm and macrocosm, through the ROOTS choreographic research, which will take place at AREAL – the space for choreographic development, /SAC Malmaison, National University of Theater and Cinematography “IL Caragiale” and at the Italian Cultural Institute. Until May, the artists and theoreticians invited to the project will facilitate workshops, hold conferences and open the doors of the workspaces to students, professionals and the general public.

The team coordinated by the choreographer and university teacher Valentina De Piante, bringing together other choreographers and visual artists, but also philosophers, anthropologists, psychotherapists, art therapists and neuroscience experts, started from four theoretical perspectives: Autopoiesis by biologist Francisco Varela, Symbiogenesis by biologist Lynn Margulis, Transpersonal Psychology and the Metaphysics of Fusion by philosopher Emanuele Coccia. This performative research of ancestral heritage aims to open the discussion about the connection with nature that we are about to lose. “We look at the earth as a territory where the biological, the autobiographical and the mystical coexist – a living, intelligent and interconnected system where we encounter erased, fragmented memories and events of the family tree”says Valentina De Piante.

The research will take place for five weeks, between March and April, and the artistic team made up of a mixed group: choreographers Valentina De Piante, Alexandra Bălășoiu, Cristina Lilienfeld and Timea Kovacs and visual artists Alina Ușurelu and Lena Ciobanu, together with the psychotherapist Ema Alexandrescu, will go into the depth of the chosen theme – the roots explored from multiple perspectives. The choreographic research period will also be supported by four guest lecturers (neuroscience, complex sensory experiences, eco-somatics, cultural studies and philosophy), who will offer workshops and consultancy for the artistic team, thus nuance the work process.

In the months of March – April – May, each of the eight artists will hold a workshop inspired by the methodology discovered in the research laboratories. The workshops will be dedicated to professionals and students from the arts, theater direction, film, choreography, philosophy, psychology, as well as the public interested in the topics proposed by the project. The workshops will take place at the Area, at the National University of Theater and Cinematography “ILCaragiale” and outdoors.

On March 15 at /SAC Malmaison, right at the opening of the project, the first conference with a performative reading about plants will take place, and on March 26, at the Italian Institute of Culture, a conference on eco-somatics will follow.

And in April, there will be two Open Studio events at /SAC Malmaison, during which the work process will be opened to the participants. Each day of Open Studio supported by the artistic team will be complemented by a conference addressed to the general public interested in the connection between choreography, art and science and supported by scientists.

Calendar of ROOTS events:

15.03, 19:00 | Conference @/SAC Malmaison – Irina Bobei

17.03, 15:00 | Workshop @AREAL – Lena Ciobanu

26.03, 19:00 | Conference @Italian Cultural Institute – researcher Dr. Raffaele Rufo

30.03, 18:00 | Workshop @AREAL – Tímea Kovács

04.04, 19:00 | Workshop @UNATC – university lecturer. Dr. Valentina De Piante & Lala Misosniky

14.04, 15:00 | Workshop @AREAL – Alexandra Bălășoiu

20.04, 17:00 | Open Studio & Conference @/SAC Malmaison – ROOTS team & Univ. Dr. Dragoș Cîrneci

21.04, 17:00 | Open Studio & Conference @/SAC Malmaison – ROOTS team & lecturer univ. Dr. Carlo Brentari

26.04, 19:00 | Workshop @AREAL – Cristina Lilienfeld

11 & 12.05, 12:00 | Workshop @Icoanei and Ioanid Parks – Alina Ușurelu & Ema Alexandrescu

Details about the project can be found on the website https://www.developingart.org/ and on Facebook We are Developing Art.