What Kovesi says about a possible presidential candidacy, after being measured in several polls

Former head of DNA and current head of EPPO, Laura Codruța Kovesi, denied in an interview for Spotmedia that she could run for the presidency, in the context in which she was measured in several polls. The EPPO chief prosecutor also explained that polls should look at real candidates, the current approach having a harmful effect on democracy.

The head of the EPPO continues to deny a possible presidential candidacy PHOTO Arhivă Adevărul

“I will not run. I have seen in the last period of time that, despite my answers, there are people who are still analyzing my so-called candidacy. They are probably the type of people who make decisions and then change their minds. It's not my case. I haven't changed my mind and I think the discussion about the election has to be about the real candidates, because if we make the election about ghosts, I don't think it's healthy for democracy. People want a real candidate, not ghosts. And if the ghosts are still measured, it is not something serious. The only thing I can say about the election is that, yes, I will vote, but I will not run“, explained the head of EPPO, Laura Copdruța Kovesi, in an interview for Spotmedia.

One of the polls measuring the candidacy of the former head of the DNA, shows a win for Laura Codruța Kovesi in the event that the PSD candidate is Marcel Ciolacu. Thus, the race for the Cotroceni seat is won by Laura Codruța Kovesi, with a score of 15.7%.

The PSD leader, George Simion, Nicolae Ciucă, Cătălin Drula, Diana Șoșoacă, Dacian Cioloș, Ludovic Orban, Eduard Hellving and Kelemen Hunor are on the following places.

The survey data shows that Kovesi manages to reach the second round in all tested scenarios, but in the version where the opposite candidate is Mircea Geoana, the former head of DNA would lose the elections.

However, another survey shows that the majority of Romanians would still like a male president, preferably from the right-wing political zone and who has experience, but also with an independent candidate profile.