“Alex”, the virtual assistant for asthma monitoring in children and young people. It is a revolutionary project in Romania

“Alex” is a mobile application, a digital health assistant, which will provide continuous remote monitoring of asthma in children and young people. It is about a revolutionary project, implemented in Romania

ALEX FOTO application: FB

Conceived by a Swiss academic consortium, “Alex”, the virtual assistant for asthma monitoring, will be validated through a research in several pediatric pulmonology centers in Romania.

The announcement was made by the primary pediatrician at the “Alessandrescu-Rusescu” Mother and Child Health Institute in Bucharest, on his Facebook page Virtual Children's Hospital.

“Alex” is a mobile application, a Digital Health Assistant, created to bring a positive transformation in the lives of young asthma patients.

“Through Alex, we provide continuous remote disease monitoring, objective assessment of medication adherence and reduce the burden of disease surveillance”claim the creators of the app.

The “Alex” project is funded by the prestigious institute BRCCH – Basel Research Center for Child Health.

“Our mission? Revolutionizing the way we treat asthma in children through technology and innovation! With , we are creating a mobile application – a Digital Health Assistant for young asthma patients. We want to provide them with remote monitoring, treatment adherence and ease the burden of disease management. But we don't stop there! Implementing this project in Romania, preparing the ground for a global change in pediatric asthma care. By validating , in our country, we open the way to innovative solutions that will improve the lives of asthmatic children around the world”the research team of the project sent on Facebook.

The team of partners from Romania that makes the ALEX BRCCH project possible is made up of: “Marius Nasta” Institute of Pneumoftisiology, Bucharest; “Alessandrescu-Rusescu” National Institute for Mother and Child Health (INSMC), Bucharest; Carol Davila University; Center for Research and Innovation in Personalized Medicine of Respiratory Diseases (CCIMPBR); Victor Babeș University of Medicine, from Timișoara; Department of Pediatric Pneumology, Pediatric Clinic of the Emergency County Clinical Hospital, Victor Babeș Timișoara University of Medicine and Pharmacy; Pediatric Clinic III within the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children in Cluj-Napoca; “Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca; County Emergency Hospital, Suceava and National Allergy and Asthma Center “Theramed Healthcare”, Brașov.