An ISU dispatcher saved a baby's life over the phone. It is not the first intervention

The dispatcher from the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and the Cluj Ambulance Service explained over the phone the maneuvers that led to the rescue of the little boy.

Platoon adjutant Florin Oneț PHOTO: IGSU

A 3-month-old baby is alive thanks to an ISU dispatcher, also the father of a 5-month-old baby.

Platoon Adjutant Florin Oneț was on duty when he was called to 112 by the aunt of a little child, who announced that the baby, only 3 months old, was unconscious.

Florin took over the case, trying, in the first instance, to calm the child's aunt, but also to obtain the necessary information to manage the critical situation.

”- Is the child breathing?

Yes, but very difficult!

Do you know they have health problems?

No, but he just drank milk and I gave him some colic drops. He probably drowned!

All right, please listen to me carefully until the ambulance comes!”was the dialogue with the aunt.

As the baby's condition worsened, the dispatcher told the woman to put the baby on the father's arm and asked to speak to him.

“- Please hold him on your arm and with the bridge of your other hand hit him on the back, gently, from the bottom up!

No result!

– Please continue!”continued the advice over the phone, while the crew from the County Ambulance Service was already on its way to Tritenii de Jos.

Finally, the maneuvers explained by our colleague were successful. The child began to breathe and recover by the time the ambulance arrived. The station sent the long-awaited news to the dispatcher:
“I have arrived. The child is fine!”

According to his colleagues, adjutant platoon leader Florin Oneț is not on the first intervention of this kind. Throughout his career, he also taught other parents how to perform CPR on babies.