An unseen and “extremely dangerous” enemy is present in the Romanian air: “We didn’t know until now”

Ambrosia is a major cause of allergies, but another very dangerous “enemy” has appeared in the Romanian air, drew the attention of the president of the Romanian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SRAIC), Prof. Dr. Carmen Bunu.

Allergic conditions are increasingly complex. PHOTO Shutterstock (Archive)

The specialist announced the presence of this “extremely dangerous agent” on the occasion of the inauguration of the Allergology Department of Timișoara County Hospital, which has a capacity of six beds. In addition, one-day hospitalizations can be carried out within this compartment, according to Agerpres.

For what is a complete allergy center, we have the ability to assess what is in the environment. We are the only hospital in Romania that has a network for monitoring pollens and all aero-allergens. If we know that pollens and ragweed are a danger, I am pointing out that another extremely dangerous agent is emerging. There are a number of molds in the air, which we did not know about until now. We can accurately identify, permanently, which allergens are in the air, and since last year there has been an application on the phone, Alergotel, provided by the consortium of doctors of the Timişoara County Hospital, together with colleagues from the Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timişoara and with those from the University of Life Sciences Timișoara, which certifies the presence of certain aero-allergens, with funding from the Timiș County Council. Most of the pollen comes from the village and affects those in the city, because here the pollution is added“, said Prof. Dr. Carmen Bunu.

The enemy in the air

In addition to these allergens, there are also a number of fungi that cause the appearance of asthma with forms that can be difficult to treat in the absence of detecting the allergen, but also other molds that the specialists from the Timișoara County Hospital will research, with the aim of finding out the effects on health.

“If in 2008 we identified ragweed as an allergenic factor that was not known about, and now everyone knows, now I bring you to know that we have identified another enemy: these fungi extremely present in the air. We have noticed it since last year and it is manifested this year as well and will be the object of our research. We are the only team in the area part of a European project, Montadap, which aims to see how a hospital adapts to a public health problem. We are the only center in this European project that sees these problems related to allergies. We will be able to take measures to respond to the presence of an aero-allergen, for all of Europe. (…) There are immunotherapy products, ragweed extracts with some small side effects that we will be able to stop, if we manage to create a real vaccine”, the specialist also specified.

“It pinpoints the exact cause of allergies”

The Timișoara County Hospital has a department of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. Three rooms with two beds each will be available here and one-day hospitalization will be possible, and the costs of therapies will be settled by the Timiș County Health Insurance House (CJAS).

Carmen Bunu wanted to specify that this allergology department is absolutely indispensable, as allergic conditions are increasingly complex and life-threatening, especially for people with food allergies or to insect stings (wasps or bees) or medicines.

It is about a category of extremely vulnerable patients, prone to anaphylactic shock. The fact that worldwide the number of deaths due to anaphylactic shock has decreased is precisely due to the existence of centers well specialized in this type of allergies, and Timişoara is taking the step towards this approach to patients at risk of anaphylactic shock by establishing this center which will serve all what does allergic diseases mean in the west of the country. The molecular allergology tests that specify the exact cause of allergies and cross-type reactions can be done through the settlement regime with the County Health Insurance House, requiring day hospitalization. The allergy testing part is perfect within the OncoGen center of the Timisoara County Hospital. We have the equipment and, since last year, we have had this opportunity, but we only needed the day compartment where these patients could come“, said Carmen Bunu.